Anthony Cullins Featured at The Thunderbird Sessions

16-year-old Anthony Cullins (a.k.a. The Fallbrook Kid) is just now able to drive a car by himself, but he’s been driving the hearts (and ears) of Southern Californians for almost his entire life!   Hmm…I wonder if that’s why the title of his first solo album is “Hittin’ All Cylinders”…or was is that just coincidence?  Either way, Anthony got his first guitar at three and never looked back.  It’s surprising that this “Fallbrook Kid” didn’t come out of the womb with a guitar; it’s just that natural to him and it’s no wonder that RexRode Productions tapped him to be the second artist in the Thunderbird Analog Sessions.  In case you missed the first one with Daring Greatly, you can read up on that one here: (The Thunderbird Sessions Featuring Daring Greatly)

Just over a week before the highly anticipated album release from The Fallbrook Kid, “Hittin’ All Cylinders,” and we are once again at the esteemed Thunderbird Analog Recording Studios in beautiful Oceanside, CAThomas Yearly, Owner/Operator and Engineer, welcomed nearly 100 guests to the second night of the Thunderbird Sessions.  As interviews were being conducted in the “Screw Room,” the buzz in the building was Anthony’s upcoming album.  He was expected to play songs off of the new album “Hittin’ All Cylinders” tonight.  There would be three 30-minute sets, which would include songs off the album, and a few cover tunes.

Anthony truly is a master of the guitar, looking so cool and calm up there as he delivered a top-notch performance.  The only reason you saw sweat on his brow was because he was slashing that axe so hard and tearing it up!  It’s hard to realize that this slayer of the six-string is only 16.  Yeah, he’s been playing for 13 years, AND he’s had training from some of the greatest in Southern California, AND he’s played hundreds of shows with some of the best, BUT he’s STILL only 16.  He can command all these people in the audience, AND conduct a full accompaniment of a band while shredding out his own solos AND singing.  This kid is a PHENOM!  You probably haven’t seen a guitarist play like this since Kenny Wane Shephard.  The crowd was into it, adding an incredible dynamic that increased the magic already in the room.  By the second set, he was on fire and the studio was filled with crazy energy.  Jody Bagley was all over the Hammond, giving the songs that unique sound behind the guitar and even took a few incredible solos for himself.  You can hear his styling’s on the album as well, Anthony loves having Jody backing him up.


Jody was there for Anthony at the CD release party on April 8th.  The reception was incredibly warm and everyone was excited to see The Fallbrook Kid reach this incredible milestone.  He’s been playing with The Fallbrook Vigilantes for so long, and is on their most recent album…but, at 16 years old, he now has his very own.  And I’m sure it’s the first of many. The Fallbrook Kid Is Becoming A Man! Keep an eye on this one…he’s going places!

Big Jon / BackStage360

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