Billboard & Music Week Charting Recording Artist, NOAH, Bids on 2016 Olympics with “Keep On Movin” and “Man In the Making”

International Singer / Songwriter prepares for music placement in 2016 Rio Olympics' Advertising

NOAH - Man In The Making (PRNewsFoto/Pivot Point Publicity)

NOAH – Man In The Making (PRNewsFoto/Pivot Point Publicity)

Independent Recording Artist, NOAH, is targeting corporate partners, sponsors and suppliers of the 2016 Olympics for synchronization and endorsement deals for his Billboard and U.K. Music Week charting release “Keep On Movin” released on July 4, 2015 and his newest summer hit “Man In The Making” scheduled for release on August 7, 2015.

“‘Keep On Movin’ and ‘Man In The Making’ exemplify hope, adventure, motivation, self-realization and overcoming obstacles amidst life’s many challenges,” explains the artist…”they perfectly fit the story of an Olympic athlete.” Critics have heralded “Keep On Movin” as a celebratory anthem for change and have called “Man in the Making” triumphant, relevant and a timeless classic.

“I’m gonna Keep on Movin’ ’til the end of time, I’m gonna Keep on Movin’ ’til the finish line, I’m gonna Keep on Movin’ ’til I see the light”

– Keep On Movin’

“It’s time to shine, I’m a Man in the Making, this life ain’t gonna break me, it ain’t gonna bring me down”

– Man In the Making

“It is my job to see these releases through to their fullest potential… not only for my own validation as a songwriter, recording artist and publisher, but also to allow these songs to do the work they were intended for… to inspire, motivate and instill hope in others,” NOAH asserts. “It’s a tough world out there. People deserve more than what the industry feeds them.”

NOAH - Keep On Movin (PRNewsFoto/Pivot Point Publicity)

NOAH – Keep On Movin (PRNewsFoto/Pivot Point Publicity)

In the current state of the music industry with little to no sales and streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify paying far too little to cover living costs, artists need larger companies to partner with to help sustain their artistic careers. “I think big!” says NOAH, “I flew to the MIDEM Festival in Cannes last year to personally pitch ‘Keep On Movin’ to NIKE’s in-house Music Supervisor, J.T. Griffith…and now I am going after the Olympics.”

After downloading “Keep On Movin” (Andrew Galea and Marc JB Remix), runner, Bruce Krause from Council Bluffs, Iowa wrote:

“I ran to this for the first time today! Increased my starting pace by 30 seconds a mile. Had to force myself to slow down! Awesome tune. Bravo!”

“This is testament to my first inclinations for approaching the sports giant,” NOAH attests, “In my next life, I’ll be a music supervisor!”

NOAH, his record label, Icon Worldwide Music and his PR company, Pivot Point Publicity, have just launched Facebook and Twitter hashtag campaigns with a focus on running, marathons, sports and lifestyle for “Keep On Movin” – #keeponmovin and an even broader hashtag campaign targeting all things men for “Man In the Making” – #iammitm inclusive of celebrities, actors, musicians, singers, DJs, athletes, T.V. hosts, news anchors, men’s magazines and blogs.

“Keep On Movin” and “Man In the Making” can be heard at the following SoundCloud links:

Keep On Movin’

Watch the “Man In the Making” (Original Version) Lyric Video here:

The “Keep On Movin” and “Man In the Making” Remix Collections are available on iTunes:

NEW YORK, July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pivot Point Publicity

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