BOBAFLEX pays Tribute to PINK FLOYD on Newest Album “Eloquent Demons”

A good tribute song can be hard to find…but West Virginia based Heavy Metal Rock band BOBAFLEX is no stranger to paying tribute to their favorite artists.  While Disturbed made waves with their remake of “Sound of Silence,” BOBAFLEX had already paid tribute to the indelible Simon & Garfunkel track seven years prior.  Choose a side if you want, but make sure you listen to BOBAFLEX’s most recent tribute, Pink Floyd’s “Hey You,” first!  The note-for-note tribute pays homage to Guitarist Marty McCoy and drummer Tommy Johnson’s love of the psychedelic prog rockers music while adding the BOBFLEX “Flex” to the mix.  It feels heavier, clearer, and fuller that the original (not taking away from the CREATORS of this magical song)…and the guys look like they’re in heaven while performing in their video, available on YouTube

The single, released before their album came out, is on their newest full-length CD and ties well into the overall tone the McCoy brothers and company were going for.  “Eloquent Demons,” an interesting oxy-moron that almost sums up Marty’s view on today’s world, and is also the title of the first track.  The monologue, written by Shaun, the other McCoy, really shows the frustrations and angst that built the foundation for the entire album.  A story of pain, loss, frustration, anger, and confusion told by the other nine tracks includes the song “Long Time Coming,” which is basically an anarchist’s anthem.   All of those stories are put into a tightly constructed hard rock package.

Other songs on the album talk of Alcoholism, brought on by the insanity surrounding us and within our own heads, and one song, “Off With Your Head,” speaks DIRECTLY to those boring selfie-obsessed individuals who need to be…well, the title of the song says enough.  It’s probably the slowest track on the album, but still hard enough to head-bang to!   The music is powerful and intense, making this album a must have for all metal heads.  There’s not a single “miss” on this album, each track is on point with tight-harmonies and even tighter changes and fills.  These guys are a workhorse of a band, touring incessantly and performing every chance they get, and it shows in their recordings.

Every member plays a part in the songwriting process, including newer members Dave Tipple (Guitar and Vocals) and Jymmy Tolland (Bass and Vocals).  Marty and Shaun McCoy each play guitar and share the “lead vocal” title, “My Brother…sings lead on about half of the songs,” Marty proudly corrects me during our interview.   I also learn the drummer’s nickname (watch their “Hey You” video for a clue).  Marty and I talked for over ten minutes about the band and this brand-new album, “Eloquent Demons” and you can listen to the full interview in next month’s issue of  Until then, head over the to get your copy now and check out their single, “Hey You,” on YouTube –

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BackStage360 Interview With Marty McCoy

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