Core 10 – Unforgotten Dedication to our Veterans

Start with a beautiful night in the town of Orangevale, on the skirts of Sacramento, California…Add a mix of four bands, all brought together from throughout California for a Charity event and an evening of camaraderie in music, to honor and lift our Veterans, on the eve of Veterans Day…and you get an explosion of bass, drums, vocals, and personalities that literally rock your senses!

What better way to intro our own SoCal artists, Core10 into the Sacramento area scene than to debut their single, “Unforgotten”, dedicated to our Veterans, at the Vetstock Fundraiser, held at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, Ca, the eve of Veterans Day!?

Core10’s line up is beyond impressive, with hard hitting drums that have you twisting to catch a glimpse of David Silveria, ( original Korn drummer) laying it down, completely in his zone, oblivious to anything but the moment. And all the while you’re mesmerized by Sean Lenhoff and Duncan Nisbet, taking the front line with their unique style of team vocals, and then you realize you have none other than Ronnie King himself bringing in the keyboard? Then you add in the very talented Chris Dorame, Bass, and Joe Taback, Guitar, wrapping it all together for a mix of Metal, hard Rock and Punk all in one! A Feast for your Metal Music palette!!!

You find yourself reminiscing the influences that Tool, Godsmack, Rollins Band, Rage Against the Machine may have played in forming this uniquely original and refreshingly new sound. As if the music coming off the stage from Core10 was not enough to hook me, These guys dedication to honor and assist our veterans have made me an even bigger fan than I already was!

Core10’s commitment to bring awareness to our Veterans through their music, was even more evident when they personally acknowledged the efforts of Heroes Billiards and Sports Bar owned and operated by two local USMC Veterans, in Basehor, Kansas. Heroes Billiards pledges a portion of all profits to supporting military and first responders and their families in need on a monthly basis. Appropriately so for Veterans Day,Core10’s Sean Lenhoff presented Heroes with an autographed drumhead from David Silveria and a pair of autographed drumsticks as well, for Heroes help in assisting a non-profit Sean is also involved in, Bridging The Gap to Recovery, with a fundraiser held in August 2017.

Earlier in the day I had the pleasure of speaking with Eric ( SpAz) Lewis, the Drummer for Terra Ferno,  and his enthusiasm for the event was off the charts! I don’t know if he was more excited to share the venue with his favorite drummer of all time, David Silveria , Core10 (formerly Korn) or to promote and support his Non Profit, Vet-Traxx’s event, “Vetstock” Fundraiser, featuring,  Core10, Terra Ferno, D1 (Diversity of One), Malcolm Bliss and Among The First.

Eric (Terra Ferno) and I talked a lot about his involvement in Vet-Traxx Project. His deep desire to help our Veterans can’t help but be felt in the heart. Quote: “Vet-Traxx Project is devoted to helping those who have served our country with honor, courage, and commitment. To help combat PTSD/TBI and other disabilities they are creating a musical outlet in a recording studio which will enable them to utilize their musical talents as an alternate voice of expression.” His boots on the ground method of commitment flows over into the way he connects with his drums on stage with Terra Ferno. And his excitement for this cause carried over to our other artist performing that evening, in honor of our Veterans, as well. You could feel the energy from all as they prepped for the night.

Terra Ferno is an Alternative Rock band out of Sacramento, Ca. Since 2008 they have been on the hard rock scene, sharing their unique sound on stage with, to name a few, Alien Ant Farm, Adema, Taproot and Faster Pussycat.

Terra Ferno band members are: Jeremy, Lead Vocals; Justin, Guitar/Vocals; Jamison, Bass, and of course, Eric SpAz Lewis on drums.

The event also featured several other hard hitting bands….

Sacramento’s own……….

“Malcolm Bliss”, with Eric Miller, Guitar; Michael Lafave, Bass; Jason Miller, Drums and Jason Spyres, Vocals.

“Diversity of One”, another Sacramento favorite, featuring Jemezzy BaBe, Vocals; BMC, Bass; Joeliath, Drums and Vocals; Assasain, Guitar and Vocals

“Among The First” formed in early 2016…with Jeremy Hogan, Vocals; Allen Wheeler, Lead Guitar; Jay Ealy, Guitar; Nick Herst, Bass Guitar; and Taylor Klisiewicz on Drums.

Camille Arnett / BackStage360

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