Crystal Viper – Queen of The Witches

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted Traditional Heavy Metal act from Poland, founded in 2003 by the singer, guitarist and composer, Marta Gabriel. Between 2007 and 2013 CRYSTAL VIPER released 5 studio albums, 7 singles and compilations, and toured in more than 15 countries, what established their position, and made them known as one of the most hard working and most determined bands of their generation. In 2013, due to health issues relating to the band’s front woman
and founder, Marta

Gabriel, CRYSTAL VIPER was forced to stop its activity, and played the last few concerts. The future of CRYSTAL VIPER was placed into question… Until now, as “the witch is back”, sounding stronger, heavier and louder

than ever before!

The comeback album entitled “Queen Of The Witches”, which is a concept effort that tells the story about the witches and true evil, is probably a perfect Heavy Metal release, as it includes all the elements that fans of the genre are looking for: great melodies, impressive vocal lines, classic sounding riffs and harmonies, catchy refrains and pounding drums. Headbanging hymns, speed metal monsters, and power ballads. All of this with a powerful and very classic sound production by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, SACRED STEEL, MYTHRA), that refers to the iconic and best Heavy Metal albums ever made, and coupled with an amazing cover artwork painted by Andreas Marschall (RUNNING WILD, BLIND GUARDIAN, KREATOR).

As it’s already a tradition that CRYSTAL VIPER pays a tribute to the classic
’80s Metal acts of which legacy they proudly continue, it couldn’t be different this time, and the band both invited several special guests to take part in the recordings, as well as recorded two cover songs, for the CD and the LP version of the album respectively. The MANOWAR co-founder and guitar hero Ross The Boss appears in the headbanging hymn entitled “Do Or Die”, while Mantas of VENOM slays a shredding guitar solo in the speed Metal monster entitled “Flames And Blood”. Except that, in the surprising power ballad entitled “We Will Make It Last Forever”, Marta shares vocal duties with Steve Bettney, vocalist of the NWoBHM cult heroes

SARACEN. CD version of the album is completed with cover version of “See You In Hell”, an absolute Metal hymn, originally recorded by GRIM REAPER, while the fans that will decide to get the vinyl LP, will hear CRYSTAL VIPER’s version of the EXCITER classic “Long Live The Loud”.

In December of 2016 CRYSTAL VIPER will release the first single off the new album, entitled “The Witch Is Back”, which will be coupled with a video clip, produced by the world famous Grupa 13 film studio (AMON AMARTH, BEHEMOTH, CHILDREN OF BODOM)

It’s also worth mentioning, that Marta Gabriel, who again wrote the entire music and all lyrics for the new CRYSTAL VIPER album, and who has an impressive career as a clothing designer (she is making stage clothes for artists such as SABATON, VADER, WOLF or even SAMANTHA FOX under her own brand, Thunderball Clothing), is also a respected session

musician, and appears on albums and singles of bands such as MANILLA ROAD, VADER, SABATON or MAJESTY, as well as completes live line up of the US Power Metal act JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR, where she plays with current and ex members of MANOWAR and VIRGIN STEELE.


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