Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire

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The Valiant Fire

Writing for the album took place between 2012-2014 with Will Graney deciding that after „Bringer Of Light“ the band
would try to find its own unique sound with attempting to create the perfect balance between guitar riffing and huge
orchestration without either suffering. They simplified certain elements, while enhancing others in order to creating a bigger, more epic and catchier sound. Scott Atkins was again enlisted due to the great working relationship developed on the first two albums and „The Valiant Fire“ was recorded between February-October 2014.
The band wanted the imagery of „The Valiant Fire“ to be just as epic as original. So they set out to find a unique artist
and style. Deciding on the art style of hand drawn Chinese ink, the band stumbled upon artist JungShan for Taiwan.
The whole album would be hand drawn in Chinese ink and every song on the album features its own piece of art that helps tell the story of that song and the trending concept/theme throughout the album.

2013 – Ascending
The band then signed a multi album deal with Massacre Records (Germany) and „Bringer Of Light“ was released
worldwide on February 20th 2013. It gained worldwide acclaim and topped Amazon charts worldwide, even breaking
into the top 100 download for all music in Germany. The success and reception of the album propelled the band
to play outside of the UK for the very first time at the prestigious ProgPower USA festival September 6th. Then
in November and December, the band embarked on its first ever European tour entitled „Europe Descends Into
Darkness“. The tour was run by Intromental Management/Booking who had signed the band before the release of
„Bringer Of Light“.
Damnation Angels_promo1TRACKLISTING:
1. Finding Requiem
2. Icarus Syndrome
3. This Is Who We Are
4. The Frontiersman
5. Closure
6. The Passing
7. Everlasting
8. The Fire Inside
9. Under An Ancient Sun
William Graney -Guitars, Orchestration, Backing Vocals
Per Fredrik „Pelle K“ Asly -Vocals
John Graney -Drums
2006 – Beginning
Formed in Britain in late 2006 by Will and John Graney, DAMNATION ANGELS set out to create a new benchmark
in symphonic metal. After finding their footing playing local shows with numerous members the band eventually
found a solid line-up to build their sound upon and decided it was time to take it to the next level.
2009 – Shadow Symphony EP
In February 2009 the band headed to the Grindstone Studio in Ipswich, home of esteemed producer Scott Atkins
(Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth). After many months of hard work, their first EP „Shadow Symphony“ was born. Finnish
artist Jan Yrlund (Korpiklaani, Turisas, Manowar) brought the album to life with the artwork he created. „Shadow
Symphony“ received rave reviews from critics, stating that the band are „the brightest spark to emerge upon the UK scene in a very long time“ and are „comparable with mega acts such as Avantasia and Blind Guardian“, delivering
„symphonic grandiloquence metal with the emphasis on the metal that bands such as Kamelot, Rhapsody Of Fire and Nightwish can’t seem to be able to produce anymore.“
2012 – Bringer Of Light
The EP sold well worldwide and after touring it extensively throughout the UK the band decided it was time to make
the debut album, „Bringer Of Light“. After many negotiations with record labels worldwide, the band struck a deal
with Radtone Music (Japan) and released in Japan on March 7th, 2012. The album was once again produced by Scott Atkins, while Jan Yrlund was responsible for the artwork. „Bringer Of Light“ was also greeted with rave reviews,
downloads and pre-orders topping the Amazon Japan charts and over 100,000 views on the YouTube video „Pride
(The Warrior‘s Way)“.
Damnation Angels Logo
– The new and 2nd album by UK symphonic/epic metallers DAMNATION ANGELS.
– The follow-up to critically acclaimed debut „Bringer Of Light“.
– The track “Pride (The Warrior‘s Way)” from „Bringer Of Light“ has received over 200.000 views
since debuting on YouTube in March 2012.
– Mix and mastering by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio, Ipswich (Cradle Of Filth, Sylosis).
– Cover artwork by JungShan Ink and Illustration.
2009 Shadow Symphony EP
2013 Bringer Of Light
2015 The Valiant Fire
LABEL: Massacre Records
RUNNING TIME: 63:09 Minutes
MUSIC STYLE: Symphonic Metal
BARCODE: 4028466108920
US RELEASE DATE: June 23rd, 2015
Band Website:

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