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Daring Greatly at the Belly Up

Daring Greatly is all about making good music, but the group also has a grand vision for greater unity, family, with an upward path boldly going forward alongside their growing following. They are comprised of three family members and dear friends all based in Canada. The heart of their union is fine musicianship, which is drawing in fans of all ages, bringing an acoustic-driven rocking sound to hungry listeners, starved by being beaten into a stupor from robotic electronic music trends.

The first thing you notice is the three distinctive yet perfectly blending vocals from Patrick aka Patch, Liam and father Dail Croome that strongly soar and sail over the melodic tunes, harkening us back to a better earlier time. Patch plays acoustic guitar, Liam on keys and Dail bass. Joined by Brayden Tario on drums who packs an exciting punch of perfectly placed time and lyrical fills and adding descriptive rhythms, an advanced talent for his young age, similarly talented and on fine and tasty tremendous lead guitar is Brandon Haddow.

Interspersed with covers from classic 60’s and 70’s bands like fellow Canadians The Guess Who, Daring Greatly’s original songs ebb and flow dynamically developing into a growing vine of instrumentation, vibe, guitar solos, interludes and their three voices-as-one pouring feelings and intensity you can see as they give it their all.

After a few of their familiar tunes they launch into new territory with songs they introduce as never played before, staying true to their “daring” name. Enter Jamie Moyer on 5-string bass to hold down the bottom as Dail put his bass down to sing lead with huge passion, power and energy.  Brandon has a beautiful slide solo and Liam is ripping on organ.

Dail connects with the audience, who are moving and swaying in blissful attention, “Only one thing exists and that’s right here right now—and it f*kkin rocks!”

Liam sings original “Don’t Believe All the Lies” and his piano rocks this 6/8 tempo, which looks soon to be their second single release. While each Croome has his own unique vocal flavor, Patch has a soft serious warm soulful voice, Liam has a high range and intensity with vocal embellishments reminiscent of the Jackson brothers. The organ and guitar trade solos with call and answer lines, both smiling and clearly loving it.

You can’t beat the human voice as the instrument that humans most respond to, and when you have three pouring out their hearts it moves the souls present and gives the feeling that souls not present are also moved.

Songs from the new almost completed album like “12th&Porter” written together on a road trip, are joined by the virtuoso opening duo Jimmy&Enrique, adding guitar taps and bongos.  Liam sings Zac Brown cover Lance’s Song while displaying his Hammond organ runs and glissandos, Brayden switches to cajon-playing-fury and adds vocals.

Enter friend Greg Douglass on lead guitar showing off his amazing talent with riffs, swells, loops in a solo original of his own “Hey Hurrah”

The full band now launches into Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Serenade” getting the whole room singing as they jam out. Brandon and Greg trade off guitar solos clearly admiring the uniqueness of their talent.

Jay Boykin enters on his soprano sax for three of his own songs.

“Shotgun” (of Love) is a new song inspired by an all too common problem in this world but turning it around for good.

We look forward to seeing the music and vision movement grow and gather as they travel the US, shooting love daisies to the happy listening children. Peace out.

Alicia Previn / BackStage360



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