Death Valley Girls

The Death Valley Girls might have started out as a fun loving group at first, but after a seemingly innocent adventure to Death Valley, these three girls were entangled with a supernatural power beyond this earth’s level of sight, leaving them hell bent on taking the souls of an unsuspecting youth of today. Living in the hills of Echo Park makes for an easier view of their prey of the downtown underbelly. It’s even been said that on a quiet night that you can hear the siren calls from high up, attracting in the unsuspecting music hall dwellers below. Once they’re in, it’s game over and the trap is set. Weeding out the less desirables, the brightest shine thru to join the ranks of DVG.
Glow in the dark- Where the wild things roam, seeing other sentient beings that spread the cosmic light that can only be seen by other space cadets. The select few of people who really get it and believe in the source of inspiration that pulls us towards
Disco- Having fun is essential to finding the internal glow in the other children of the dark. Keeping it funky and free, this song is an excellent addition to a weekend adventure playlist. Hip swinging, freedom of bondage and groovy. Get the swede out, makeup on and get ready for the next adventure into the night.
Death Valley Boogie- Progressively getting heavier, sinking into something more sinister, the heavy breathing of the unknown. Little glimpse into the void, and channeling the cosmic experiences that influences the whole trip down the rabbit hole of the universe.
Seis Seis Seis- The mark of the beast, end of the line, the worlds are about to align into the flux of cosmic
Pink Radiation- The way I see it is that this one is the wedding song that bound them to their fate of soul collecting. I can almost see the pew in which these lovely ladies said their vows of eternal servitude. Build up, the fresh start into the new life of darkness. A newfound glory into the unknown, complete freedom from all that is material, for something more real, the influence of forces beyond our understanding.
I’m a Man Too- This is the end of masculinity, with the newly found powers, they no longer have bonds to the mortal flesh, and the recruiting of new prospects to help them collect enough souls to cash in for whatever afterlife awaits them at the end of this journey. No longer afraid to stand on their own feet anymore, and questioning what it means to be a man in the first place. It’s more of an attitude that what sort of digits are underneath.
Love Spell- Now that the rules have been established, they begin with their first mission. To make a love spell to get more souls that can work their magic. The manipulation of the human spirit can be soo easy with a little seduction, charm, and cunning. Little do they know the true nature of the beast. Low and behold after the spell is in full effect, they can no longer feel their faces, things go dark, and they were never seen again. Little by little the collection grows and this is but a start to the chaos that is about to ensue.
Horror Movie- After the love potion has worn off, we awake to the real little shop of horrors, it’s a horror movie, but they don’t have a tv is right on point. Awakening to what seemed to be a lovely night off yesterday, to be woken to your worst nightmares. Living the real hell of the unknown.
Summertime- The resting in winter, to freshen up on spells and tricks for the next summer. Be wary of what they might have up their sleeve, over time they get stronger and stronger, and all that have stopped them have failed thus far. No being to be seen to stop these ladies from completing whatever mission
Wait for you- The only one to get away from the clutches, immune to the magic, but drawn into the be-wonderment of such raw power. Time is the judge on if that final soul will come willingly or not. Always watching, lurking in the shadows for the final decision of self-sacrifice. The willingness to give yourself freely without any influence. Who knows if that might be the final soul for the collection, all they can do is wait until that day comes.
Glow in the dark covers all bases with it’s campy B-movie undertones, industrial Sabbath and splashes of acid from UFO. It’s got a little of everything that a cretin like myself love to hear. Their imagery and message is one that isn’t too common even by today’s oddity standards. The same amount of power and oomph that Sabbath had when they first started out. The raw metal clanging just forging itself into a new sort of weapon for other bands to stand up with and make their own. The vocals echoing into the night, the thudding of the bass, and the ear piercing clamors of the drums are something to look out for, especially live like I’d seen not that long ago. The build ups keep growing, and the suspense rises, what is going to happen next with the Death Valley Girls. Time will be the judge on how many Goonies chime in to listen.

Maverick / BackStage360

Images courtesy of Death Valley Girls

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