Ernie Ball 6180 VPJr

Ernie Ball - VP JR 250KErnie Ball 6180 VPJr – Mono 250K (for use with Passive electronics)

From the Manufacturer

New compact design allows more floor space. The potentiometer has a 250k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of passive instruments. Behind the jack area under the footplate is a micro taper switch which provides the user two distinct volume swell rates. A tuner output is provided and allows silent tuning when the pedal is in the heel down position.
Product Number: 6180The design and development of the Ernie Ball pedals has been a team effort of guitar players and craftspersons within our company. Pedal bodies are an aluminum extrusion rather than a casting resulting in greater strength, uniformity, and smoother surfaces. Clear anodized grain finish insures lasting beauty. Overall dimensions: 4″ W x 11″ L x 2.5″ H. The main pivot shaft is of centerless ground 1/2′ diameter stainless steel, precision seated though nylon bushings at both ends. The large center shaft diameter, in addition the strength factor, creates a broader stress bearing surface. Our bodies and shafts are designed to give the player an indefinite service life! Deck mat of non-slip material is impervious to oil, alcohol, and most things you might spill on it. Quick disconnect wiring harness allows changing the pot without soldering. Tough long lasting Kevlar cable transmits pedal travel to the controls and is attached by stainless steel springs. This drive design results in smooth and quiet operation qualities lacking in gear driven models. Cycle tests are made on every pedal to insure perfect operation prior to packaging.

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