Fender Mustang GT 100

Limited Only by Your Imagination

The Mustang GT series is suitable for players of every genre and skill level. Packed with 21 classic amp voices, the Fender Mustang GT amps reproduce authentic tones of some of the most revered amplifiers every recorded! With more than 45 different effects, the Mustang GT series can easily recreate classic tones or create brand-new, never-before-heard sounds at a volume suitable for any venue from your bedroom to an arena!

Fender tone techs developed new algorithms with even higher fidelity and more realistic response. Along with more signal path flexibility you can now move effects anywhere in the signal chain for creative exploration! Program your sounds in the studio on the Mustang GT’s large, full-color LCD display and then with one hand take them anywhere and deliver the most realistic listening experience possible for any audience, short of inviting them into the control room. With countless tone combinations, the only limit to your sound is your own.


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