French Violin by Justin Derazey

french-violin-by-justin-derazeyA French violin by Justin Derazey (Mirecourt, 1850-1890). Description : Late 19th century authentic French violin, recently acquired from France. It has a warm sound matching the vintage of the instrument. Structurally it is in healthy condition, with slight cosmetic blemishes which add to its charm. Label: Jt. Derazey – Luthier Mirecourt (Vosges) Hors Concours It is also branded “Jt. Derazey” on the inside of the violin. Dimensions: Length of Body: 360 mm Upper Bouts: 165 mm Middle Bouts: 114 mm Lower Bouts: 204 mm Sound This violin has not been played for many years, it is recently setup. The tone shows quality, although the instrument needs to played on. Certification This violin comes certified by Gregory Singer Fine Violins in New York.


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