Gibson USA SG Standard T 2017 Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherry

Raising the Standards

When the double-cutaway SG was unveiled as the (temporary) replacement for the original single-cutaway Les Paul in 1961 it quickly proved itself far more than just a stand-in. An overnight success, this innovative guitar quickly became a favorite with rock, blues, and jazz players and more. The flagship of the SG range, the SG Standard 2017 T represents a superb blend of historic looks and tone and contemporary versatility and playability. Its iconic asymmetrical double-horned body styling and smaller ‘teardrop’ pickguard hark back to the originals of the early ’60s, and the Classic ’57 and ’57 + humbuckers likewise take you straight back to those hallowed PAF tones. When uncompromising performance matters, locking Grover kidney-button tuners, a slim taper neck, rosewood fingerboard with rolled binding, and our finest modern aluminum Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece with elegant chrome plating provide a sylish and modern SG playing experience.

The SG Standard 2017 T is delivered in a classic Gibson hardshell case with a Gibson multi-tool, a premium leather strap, and a polishing cloth.

About Gibson USA

Gibson USA is inspired by a tradition of innovation that stretches back to the company’s origin in 1896. Since then, the contributions Gibson has made to the art of guitar making have been continuously impressive—the humbucking pickup, Tune-o-matic bridge, adjustable truss rod, triple-pickup guitar, semi-hollowbody guitar, P-90 pickup, cryogenically-treated frets, automatic tuning, the zero-fret adjustable nut and much more—including radical body shapes like the Flying V, Explorer and Thunderbird. Introduced in 1952, the Gibson Les Paul has become—and remains—the world’s most iconic guitar.

With every instrument proudly produced in Nashville, Tennessee, Gibson USA keeps two important traditions alive: the tradition of innovation, and the tradition of hand-crafted instruments that are ‘American Made, World Played.’ The Gibson team is driven by a passion for perfection—even the process of selecting, grading, and sorting wood for each specific guitar requires considerable expertise, as does the engineering research behind pickup design and selecting materials that strike the ideal blend of style, tone and durability.

What may be most recognizable about a Gibson USA guitar isn’t the distinctive shape, technical sophistication, or exceptional playability—it’s the magic. When people play a Gibson USA guitar, they experience the result of hundreds of human hands working to make the best guitar possible. Just by picking one up and holding it in your hands, you can share in the rich heritage that reaches back to the 19th century, the visual appeal of a work of art and the connection to the world’s greatest artists who have chosen to express themselves with guitars from Gibson USA.

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