Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience

It’s a full house at the Belly Up here in Solana Beach California. The crowd is hanging out and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Having some drinks everybody is waiting for the Gin Blossoms to make their appearance on stage. The band is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of New Miserable Experience. There is no better place they could have chosen for this special evening. The Belly Up is a fun place to hang out with friends, enjoy the live bands and have some drinks. No matter where you decide to stand or sit, you have a perfect view of the stage.

Wildling was the opening act. The band put on a great performance and made sure the audience was warmed up just enough for the Gin Blossoms to come on stage and take it from there. By the end of the opening act everybody was cheering, and moving along to the music. You could tell that people were enjoying themselves tonight.

When the Gin Blossoms entered the stage the audience went wild. They cheered and applauded which created a nice welcoming environment. The band hit the stage and instantly started playing the song “Lost Horizons” from their breakthrough 1992 album “New Miserable Experience.”  It was amazing to see how fast the crowd got fixated on the band and before the first song was over pretty much everybody in the audience had their hands up in the air clapping along.

The second song the band played was the very well-known hit “Hey Jealousy,” which when it was over Wilson stated that they were playing the album in its entirety and in the original album order.  I believe people expected that song to be played as an Encore; Surprise!  The crowd instantly started singing along, it’s amazing how after all these years the song is still such a big hit with the audience.  This was not the only big hit from the record. That record also included “Found out about you,” “Mrs. Rita,” “Until I fall Away” and “Allison Road.” The audience never stopped singing along with Wilson.

All in all it was a very fun evening and it was so great to be part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the record “New Miserable Experience”.  If you get the chance go and get the album and relive a moment from your youth.  It’s very easy to listen to and the music pulls you right in. I was not able to stand still as soon as Gin Blossoms started performing because of the way singer Robin Wilson interacted with the audience and controlled the mood.

Set List:

  1. Lost Horizons
  2. Hey Jealousy
  3. Rita
  4. Until I Fall Away
  5. Hold Me Down
  6. Cajun Song
  7. Hands Are Tied
  8. Found Out About You
  9. Allison Road
  10. 29
  11. Pieces Of The Night
  12. Cheatin’


Reviewed by RacerX / BackStage360



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