Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs

Ripped Up Clothing Was The Dress Code At Brick by Brick. It was a sea of Mohawks and safety pins at Brick by Brick as a sort of Punk Festival came to town.  The headliner for this crazy event was none other than the 90’s comedy rock band Green Jellÿ, famous for their hit single “Three Little Pigs,” a take off of the popular fairy-tale.  It’s kind of serendipitous to have a band like that at a venue that’s nearly as old as the band itself; Brick by Brick has been in San Diego for over two decades…many bands got their start from the same stage these classic rockers were performing on.  Tonight, many rockers got their taste of what the punk rock scene is like.  I noticed a few guys and girls in jeans and t-shirts…tonight, they stood out like a sore thumb.

Ripped up clothing, or some things that could classify as “clothing,” seemed to be the dress code for this event, although, a few stragglers and I didn’t get them memo.  That’s the scene though…these kids (and some older guys still rocking the punk scene out) looked like they were straight out of a Hot Topic store with the latest “Non-Trendy” trend.  I know, you can sense the sarcasm there…It’s just that some of these kids weren’t real punk rockers…I bet some of them couldn’t even sew on a button that popped off.  A real PUNK ROCKER can!  I’m just not really a punk rocker, but I do get the music.  It’s great to release that energy and tension, and the music is LOUD! Something you can definitely pump in a car stereo.  Opening bands Malakai, THE THRILL KILLERS, Big Scary Robot, and Van Brando made sure you didn’t leave without a case of tinnitus.  It may be an old venue, but they sure can pump out the bass at Brick by Brick!  From every corner of the venue my Gin and Tonic maintained the proper mixture…

If you’re disappointed that you missed THE Green Jellÿ, you need not be saddened!  These guys are COMING BACK in July!  July 30th to be exact, make sure you get your tickets now so you don’t miss out on the craziness.  If you’re not a punk rocker…just a regular rocker like me, these guys are just fun to watch on stage.  And the music is fast and loud, that definitely a fun way to spend a night.

By: Big Jon / BackStage360 / Big Jon Entertainment

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