Helion Prime Isn’t Just A Planet Anymore, it’s a Galaxy of Rock

After debuting what some regard as the “Best debut albums of recent years,” Helion Prime is back with a new female lead and some more sci-fi power metal.  Following the departure of Heather Michele, Kayla Dixon was recruited for this new album, and hopefully future albums to come.  “Her charm and talent will no doubt be a great fit for us,” the band comments…which this rock fan hopes translates to her being a permanent addition to this Sci-Fi Metal Rock band that will blow your socks off.

Helion Prime’s sophomore album gives Power Metal fans everything they want, and extends their audience to fans of all type of rock.  The album intro surrounds you with heavy synths as you’re prepped for the stories the album will draw for you.  The journey begins a bit rough with the power chords of “The Drake Equation,” and you immediately hear why they picked Kayla.  An actual scientific theory, the song creates a story around this search for understanding.  If that science stuff isn’t what you care about, that’s ok…there’s plenty of ROCK to go around.  You can still enjoy that powerful alto voice without having to understand what she’s sirening to you; I did that for the first few spins of the album.

The album is chock-filled with science themes, whether actual theories, fantasy, or just questions, and more of the melodic rock and power metal.  Jason Ashcraft, the genius behind this “Science based Power Metal” creation, crafts lyrics and music that catches all fans of rock, drawing from his love of all things science and theoretical…especially the classics.  Fictional character Moon-Watcher, a nod to the cult-classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, gets a story all of his own on this album in the aptly named track “Moon-Watcher.”  You can’t help but feel for his species and wonder what his fate is.

First, you must get this album…if you’re a fan of any type of hard rock. Melodic, Power, Metal, you name it…if you like it, you won’t be disappointed.  Next, make sure you have a BITCHIN’ sound system or set of cans and CRANK THIS UP!  Make sure to allot an hour to this, and close your eyes.  You will be transported to another planet and take a journey through the galaxy and beyond with Helion Prime.


By: Big Jon / BackStage360 / Big Jon Entertainment

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