Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead

Los Angeles based Rap/Rock band “Hollywood Undead” played San Diego’s House of Blues and gave the crowd a high energy non-stop show to be remembered.  Opening the show was another Los Angeles band “Butcher Babies” and their performance drove the crowd’s energy through the roof.  I missed the beginning of their show, but from what I saw I am looking forward to seeing them again.  Hollywood Undead took the stage with their trademarked masks.  Hollywood Undead opened the evening with the second single from the band’s fifth studio album “V”, which was released in October of 2017 titled “Whatever it takes.” The song set the tone for the rest of the evening showing the audience that this is a No-holds-barred band and without missing a beat they rolled into 2008’s “Undead” from the album “Swan Songs.” This song’s main synth lines sounded like the main intro guitar riff on Ozzy Osbourne’sCrazy Train” with a rap remix.  The song had many fans in attendance hooked and drew them into the live performance.  From this point on, they kept the energy building throughout the evening.  The band was definitely having fun on stage and it was very infectious.  They got the crowd involved, whether it was just getting their hands in the air or rapping along.  The band was all about the audience and making us feel like we were part of something special.

Continuing their set with favorites, “Renegade”, “Been to Hell,” “Dead Bite,” and even throwing in their version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom prison blues,” they kept raising the bar with pure energy and raw emotion before finishing their main set with album favorite, “Day of the Dead,”. Treated to two additional encore songs, “Everywhere I Go,” and “Hear Me Now,” Hollywood Undead capped off an incredible and unforgettable evening!




Hollywood Undead Setlist:

  1. Whatever it takes
  2. Undead
  3. Renegade
  4. Been to Hell
  5. Dead Bite
  6. California Dreaming
  7. Gravity
  8. Comin’ in Hot
  9. War Child
  10. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Cover)
  11. Bullet
  12. Another Way Out
  13. Bad Moon
  14. Riot
  15. Day of the Dead


  1. Everywhere I Go
  2. Hear me Now

Hollywood Undead

Venue: San Diego HOB

Reviewed: Storm@backstage360.com

Date: 12-10-2017


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