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The second annual Horton’s Hayride was hosted at the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro, California.  The atmosphere of the show was geared towards the lovers of all things fast and loud.  Classic cars,completed with a best in show competition, which Jim himself presented the trophy and prize money of $400 for first place.  A pin up pageant, and an assortment of local food truck vendors.  The rev even went so far as to raffle off a Gretchen, in order to raise money for the St. Jude children foundation.  It was fun for all, and all were welcome.  Jim “The Reverend” Heath.  The Rev, as he’s more commonly known in the rockabilly/psychobilly world, is a hellbent, passionate musician, with clean cut guitar playing, and a passion for all things fast.  Making for a combo of not only an intense stage presence, but also a bond with his fans who are just as quick as his guitar playing.  An all ages show, allowed for the whole family to enjoy the afternoon of fun.

When The Reverend came on to the stage, dressed to the nines, he welcomed all his fans to his shindig.  The Rev is a very talented musician who knows how to engage the audience with showmanship, and an attitude that gets things going.  Being both serious and playful with his movements on stage.  He knows how to rock out, and makes sure he hits every note with the precision of a machine.  The Rev played his set for three hours non stop.  He opened up with his band members Jimbo Wallace on double bass and Scott Churilla on the drums.  He played some of his classic hits such as 400 bucks, Zombie Dumb, and Galaxy 500.  After he got the audience nice and warmed up with Psychobilly Freakout, The Rev introduced the first of his three guests.

Image - Brett Zimmerman / BackStage360

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The first guest he had on was solo man Deke Dickerson.  Deke came on stage with two separate guitars and his signature double neck bass.  They jammed out for for a half an hour, going back and forth between solos, neither missing a note throughout the entire session, and skyrocketing the crowd when Deke set his guitar down and took the microphone and got up close and personal with a few fans in the front row.

The Rev’s second guest was Big Sandy, of the Big Sandy and his High Fly-Rite Boys, with a voice that has the true authenticity of the country swing and soul of past generations.  Big Sandy came on and stole the show with his singing.  Songs like Maybellene, really show his passion for the old days.

The Rev then introduced his third and final guest, Stuart Daniel Baker, better known by his stage name Unknown Hinson, the comic country player with blacked out front teeth, properly dubbed the “hillbilly vampire” brought a level of fun and I dare say campy presence towards the hayride, letting loose and swaying around like self proclaimed king that he is.

Image - Brett Zimmerman / BackStage360

Image – Maverick  / BackStage360

I can assure you that rockabilly is alive and well.  Reverend Horton Heat himself said that California has the biggest following of this genre of music.  Their is a little of everything that surrounds the music, classic cars, slicked back hair, beautiful women, and well dressed folks, brought together through the common bond of rock and roll legends such as Jerry lee Lewis, and Little Richard.  If you ever get a chance to see any of these band, be ready to do some swing dancing, two stepping, and hold on for a hootenanny of a lifetime.

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