House of Lords – Saint of the Lost Souls

House of Lords Wins with Saint of the Lost Souls

House of Lords 11th album pays homage to their days of old with heavy synth and keyboards surrounding the famed sound of guitarist Jimi Bell.  The album, “Saint of the Lost Souls,” starts off with mid-tempo power ballads making you wonder if they’ve lost their “edge” of metal, until the title track of this masterpiece slams your eardrums and wakes up your brain.  James Christian does not disappoint in the creation of another House of Lords album.

Christian joins up with Jimi Bell, who provides some KILLER RIFFS that wont disappoint fans and newcomers alike, and drummer BJ Zampa for this album.  They bring noted rock bassist Christ Tristram to round out the band and give it that solid rhythmic addition.  This follow-up to their 2015 release “Indestructible” heats up the headphones with more power cords, deeper melodies, and wilder atmospheres to crawl around and explore.  These guys aren’t stopping, touring relentlessly in Europe and the United States; this LA/Colorado based band carries the torch of melodic rock, setting a blazing path towards bringing it back into the mainstream.

House of Lords has been hitting the studio’s all over this country for the last couple of decades, giving their fans what they want to hear.  James Christian has kept the band out there in the spotlight, breathing life into the project and earning the right to keep it moving putting out album after album since bringing the powerful guitar of Jimi Bell into the mix.  The diversity of their melodies and rhythms shows a love for music and a dedication to their craft.  “Saint of the Lost Souls” is a forward progression of House of Lords and carries with it a promise of more to come while also giving a throwback to the origins of House of Lords.

House of Lords
James Christian – Lead Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitars
Chris Tristram – Bass
BJ Zampa – Drums


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