Incubus – In Support of 8


When Incubus came out on stage the crowd welcomed the band with cheering, whistling and applauding. Incubus is very well-known and a talented band.  Starting out with the song “Glitterbomb” Brandon Boyd the singer jumped right in with full guns blazing, from his very first word he sang to the last note of the song; it appeared that the energy he created was unstoppable. He has such a great vocal range and is fun to watch moving around on the stage. It didn’t matter if he sang the song “Love Hurts” which was a slower song or “Megamolaniac” which was a more upbeat song, you can tell that Brandon Boyd sings from his heart and soul. All you have to do is watch and you will be able to see it on his facial expressions and the way he moves to his music. It is absolutely overwhelming how much talent the band has.

By the time Incubus performed the song “I Wish You Were Here” the audience was totally fixated on Incubus while they performed their version of Pink Floyd’s classic song. I was also very impressed with the way they used the turn table and built it into their music, which you can hear in several of their songs. When the band played the song “Drive” pretty much everybody in the audience sang along. Looking around I could see how much the crowd enjoyed the event. People were dancing, clapping, screaming and singing. It was so great to see the audience enjoy themselves.

Next the band played the song “Dig”. The song is a very meaningful song. Whenever you get the chance to listen to this song make sure and pay attention to the words. I think each and every one of us can relate to this song. I can say something great about each and every song Incubus played. The show didn’t have one dull moment and all I can say is go and see for yourself. The show ended with “Aqueous Transmission” which was a nice end to the show.


Set List:

  1. Glitterbomb
  2. Nimble Bastard
  3. Circles
  4. Anna Molly
  5. Love Hurts
  6. Megalomaniac
  7. If Not Now, When?
  8. Wish You Were Here ( Pink Floyd WYWH Outtro)
  9. State Of The Art
  10. Pardon Me
  11. Drive
  12. Dig
  13. Pantomime
  14. Nice To Know You
  15. Loneliest
  16. Stellar
  17. Make No Sound In The Digital Forest
  18. No Fun
  19. Warning
  20. Encore: Aqueous Transmission

Incubus – Mattress Firm Amphitheater

Written by RacerX


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