Jack Russell’s Great White – Sign of the Times

Well for the second time in the last year we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Russell and, interview him. Not only did we get to speak to him a great length but also Robby Lochner lead guitar and writing partner about the new album and the inspiration of it.

Now as you know, we here at Backstage360 have done a review of this great album ” HE SAW IT COMIN‘ ” but this time we also got to see this great band perform it live at So Cal’s top club “THE COACH HOUSE”. We would like to thank them as always for allowing us to be able to sit down and interview Jack and Robby and for providing us a room to do it. Also the band for being gracious with their time and a special thanks to our friends, Jack and Robby, for taking the time for the interview. You can see the interview at the bottom of this article.  Listen to a sample of He Saw It Comin’

As far as the set goes as usual Jack came right out of the gate and hit everyone right in the mouth with energy and the song Overflow followed by Call It, Lady Red, and the new single Sign of Times. To say that the the crowed was enthusiastic would be an understatement. I stood by the side of stage and watched the reaction of this sold out crowd when the band played the new single “SIGN OF THE TIMES.” It was evident that not only did they get it but that Jack still commands respect for his music and artistry. The band whipped this crowd into a frenzy with Fast Road,Mistreat-er,Angel Song, and then the new song from the new album. Again, I watched intently for the crowd reaction to another new song “My Addiction” that most of them never heard before and right on cue they got into it.

As we here at Backstage360 have been privileged of reviewing this album back in the beginning of the year we all have it in our favorites list to be sure. I think personally, it is one of this years best albums and,certainty one of Jack’s best ever. If you get a chance to see Jack Russell’s Great White out on tour this year you need to not miss it and by all means get the new album “HE SAW IT COMING!”  See for yourself what many of us already know, that this band kicks serious ass and the new album is a strong candidate for album of the year.

To catch up with all the bands shows and music check out their website and facbook page.http://www.jackrussellsgreatwhite.com/




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    I like great white band


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