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Creator unconventional a postmodern dream world, Jean-François Rauzier wonders through his Hyperphotos to become the heritage. With its fanciful worlds, it offers a reflection on our perception of the world and the major fundamental themes of our society: culture, science, progress, oppression, ecology, utopia, freedom, salvation …

Known for his imaginary and its many cultural and popular references architectures it transforms the frames remains as true utopias and questions about the city of tomorrow, our place in the modern world through different construction drawings. Called “re-enchanting the real” by the art critic and curator Damien Sausset and attached to the current “digital Baroque” artist by the Commissioner of Régis Cotentin exposure, it is exhibited in various international institutions (Foundation Los Angeles Annenberg, Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, Moscow MOMA, Cultural Center of Botanique, etc) and is present in the collections of contemporary art (Louis Vuitton, B. Magrez Cultural Institute, City of Versailles , etc.).

A pioneer of the digital assembly, it was in 2002 that his artistic work takes a radical turn: he invented the concept of Hyperphoto and finds the outcome of its approach. This concept allows the impossible: combining the infinitely large and the infinitely small in the same image, out of time. It is in the juxtaposition, duplication, twisting … the images he finds a way to reproduce as closely as human vision, creating a true digital puzzle whose pieces, clipped, “redrawn” piggyback gradually as to suit the imagination of the artist.

This technique is born a multitude of exciting and unusual details that the viewer can linger. They reflect an invitation to inner journey into dream worlds, fantastic and timeless. These worlds are populated by figures and references from the artist’s cultural pantheon.

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