Kathryn Cloward Brings Love to the Beach

Energy is a powerful force, and the beautiful Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach was glowing with positive energy Sunday night. Kathryn Cloward’s double album release party, which featured the albums “Ripple Love” and “Secret Keeper”, brought on a feeling of cheerfulness that left no face in the crowd with anything less than an ear to ear grin. The show kicked off with the title track on “Ripple Love” and immediately, the love did in fact, ripple through the crowd. Within one verse, dancing took over the crowd almost hypnotically. As the show progressed, the energy of the room progressed with it. By the start of the fourth song, everyone in the crowd was donning fluorescent blue glow stick necklaces and bracelets, which only made everybody’s faces light up even more, quite literally in fact. The show seemed to peak, just as the crowd did, when a group of young ladies joined hands and began swaying back and forth with grace. It was at this point in time that the positivity became palpable; even I began to sway to and fro in my planted position near the sound board. One by one the circle grew bigger until at least ten people were connected at the hand, letting the music take over their bodies.

Nearing the end of her set, Kathryn introduced two things: a song called “Warrior Woman” and a group of her closest friends to come up and dance on stage with her while she performed. A sight no one could soon forget. The love, friendship, and overall beauty of that songs performance, coupled with the support of Kathryn’s warrior women behind her was nothing short of radiant. After two more songs it was time for the closing tune. Kathryn chose a fantastic song to cover, especially in the fashion that she did. As she introduced the band and the next song they were about to play, she brought up all three artists that preceded her in the show. First to come back onto the stage was Heather Nation, a folk singer with a hauntingly beautiful voice and incredibly broad vocal range. Next was Steve Denyes, who’s relentless passion and care for those he holds dear, shines through his music in a way that makes you want to bring your entire family to the dance floor. Finally, Ezekiel Jay made his way to the stage; fitting that he was the last to make it up there, as his performance was a lively spectacle of pure rock ‘n’ roll and he was likely rehydrating. The joint performance was done to Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” with Kathryn leading the vocals, and Heather, Steve, and Ezekiel absolutely rocking the backup harmonies. As the song concluded, Kathryn gave her final thank you to the Belly Up tavern, which provided an impeccable ambiance, and to Rady’s Children’s Hospital, as this event doubled as a great cause, raising money for cancer treatment to the brave children who are fighting with all their might to defeat it. As a final goodbye, Kathryn kept everyone on stage and called for a Broadway style bow to the crowd, the perfect cap to such a beautiful performance.

Members of the Band:

Israel Garcia (drums)
Arnie Garcia (lead guitar)
Chris Anderson (bass)
Ted Stern (violin)

Article by: Trevor Messenger / BackStage360

Set List 

 Ripple Love

Only One Dreaming

Let’s Go Back

Phoenix Rising

Lightning Love

I Will Be Going

We Are Champions

Dark Cloud

What I’m Here to Do

Warrior Woman

Exes and Ohs

Free to Fly

I Wont Back Down



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