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It is no secret that I love to see people succeed.  I especially love it when women succeed by chasing their dreams, their passions and never give up on what makes them independently happy!

San Diego native, multi-award winning, singer/songwriter, Kathryn Cloward is one of those women!  A woman, that had a young girl’s dream, lost it, found it again and made it come true; one of which transpired on January 4th, 2017, when she found herself headlining at San Diego’s favorite music venue, the Belly Up Tavern, in beautiful Solana Beach.

As a young girl, Kathryn grew up doing what many little girls do…she picked up a hairbrush willed it into a microphone, sang from her heart and dreamed of being a star.  While many of us finally turned the microphone back into a hairbrush, started singing from the radio and settled for just gazing at a star, Kathryn pursued her childhood dream until the day…she didn’t.  She simply stopped.  She gave up.  Kathryn stopped singing, she stopped writing and she stopped chasing her dream and did what most of us do…when reality slaps us in the face and you are left with only survival skills to find your way back and lucky for us that is exactly what she did.

Enter Kathryn, the Entrepreneur, the mom, and creator of the children’s book series, Kathryn the Grape!  Kathryn Cloward, singer/songwriter, became the author of a wonderful series of children’s books and music, featuring, none other than herself, as the focal character.  The affirmation series is a colorful journey through the eye of a child and is independently published and distributed by her “mom owned” company, Kandon Unlimited, Inc.  You can read more about and purchase these beautifully written, illustrated books and recorded CD’s on the Kathryn the Grape website:  www.kathrynthegrape.com.

Through the encouragement of friends, she began singing and writing again and took to the stage!  In 2015 she released her debut, DOUBLE album; Free to Fly and A Soft Place to Fall and in May of 2017 she will release two more albums, Ripple Love and Secret Keeper.  This is a woman that knows how to take the bull by the horns!  She does nothing half way – it is ALL the way and it is that emotion, attitude and drive that is reflected in her stage presence!

The Belly Up Tavern is no easy room to behold.  Its reputation alone is enough to intimate any rising star; but Kathryn and her amazing, talented team of backup artists and vocalists made it their own!

Headlining in fundraising support and avocation of a local children’s charitable organization; Kids Korp/Hands on San Diego, Kathryn hit the stage with other San Diego artists, Christine Parker, Michael Tiernan and Lee Coulter, for a night of comradery, music and fun to raise awareness of what Kids Corp/Hands on San Diego is all about and some much needed monetary contributions.  They did not disappoint!  On a cold, January, Wednesday night in San Diego they filled the venue with fans, great music, a message or two and lots of goodwill.

Predominately an Americana artist, Kathryn fills her set with original music that sends her own message of life and love.  Her clear and lilting vocals are perfect for the genre and she engages her audience not only during each song but in between, as well, through story telling or maybe asking a question or two, inviting her audience not only into her performance, but into her life!

As an accomplished guitar player, she and her instrument become one on stage.  BUT…my very favorite part of the show was when she put the guitar down, and let loose with a fun, energetic and audience encompassing rendition of Elle King’s, Exes and Oh’s, proving that she is not just any Americana artist!

Kathryn has hit the ground running in 2017 but you can catch her…and so you should!  You can find her and her music page on social media, on her You Tube channel and by way of her own website: www.kathryncloward.com.  Keep an eye and ear out for her new double album; Ripple Love and Secret Keeper, that is scheduled to drop this Spring and follow along with her journey – it is bound to leave your heart and your feet dancing!

BackStage360 was lucky enough to sit with Kathryn for a personal interview the evening after the show. You can listen to what we chatted about in this issue by clicking on our “Interviews” tab.

You can find more information and ways to donate to Kids Korp/Hands on San Diego on their website: www.handsonsandiego.org.

We thank you for supporting your local music and charities!

Siege / BackStage360

(Our Thanks to the Belly Up for all of their help and support – Ed)

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