Mac Sabbath at San Diego’s Brick by Brick – The Mockstrosity Tour

Self-described “drive-through-metal” parody band Mac Sabbath partners up with mariachi-meets-metal band Metalachi to please any diverse crowd. The packed house crams up to the stage that has been decked out with a BBQ grill, several mustard and ketchup squeezy bottles and mannequin clown heads billowing smoke on cue flanking the ends of the stage. A woman’s voice-over speaks of clown sightings no longer associated with fun…enter Ronald Ozbourne (Ronald McDonald-meets-Ozzy) in a straight-jacket as the band takes the stage. Slayer MacCheeze ace guitarist with his giant burger and steer horns mask, wonder bass player Grimalice (it’s a wonder how he can play in that giant goofy costume) and trick tight drummer Catburglar complete stripes and ears bring exciting musicianship and rock out the tribute to Black Sabbath’s legendary sound.

When he’s not wailing out a song Ronald uses props like giant straws, buckets, rubber bats in a bun and a slew of corny food-related (fake) band names like “Cinnabon-Jovi” to keep the audience entertained, speaking in his best fake English accent (must be another tribute as they’re all from L.A.). He delivers difficult to understand but very poignant lyrics over classic Sabbath music, slamming the negative health effects of the corporate fast food industry. Lots of audience participation keeps the show lively including squeezing water-filled mustard and ketchup bottles into the audience’s mouths as well as his own, and the big finale comes as he launches his whole body into the crowd for some clown surfing.  The band is so proficient and tight they make the show, Ronald’s clowning is almost annoying but by the end of the show he’ll have you endeared to him. How far can you stick out your tongue? “I’m lovin’ it!”

Alicia Previn / BackStage360

Brick by Brick April 5th 2017

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