Maps To The Hollywood Scars Volume One Is Rock-Incarnate

I keep hearing Rock is dead, and then I hear music like this and call BULL!  Rock is alive and well, and Maps To The Hollywood Scars’ first EP, Volume One, gives you just that.  From moment one, that crunchy guitar and steady rock beat makes your toe start tapping and you chin to start bouncing.  Next thing you know, you’re in your office head banging.  And track one isn’t even over yet…”Roads” gets your blood thumping and leads into a soulful ballad that fills you with emotion.  This track isn’t lacking any rock blood at all though, it’s still flowing through the veins.

Speaking of Rock Blood, there’s plenty here!  Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi backs American Idol finalist James Durbin’s voice in this new band.  Formed in 2016, this first EP is everything Rock fans froth at the mouth for.  It’s only 20 minutes long, but keep it on repeat and you wont notice.  Perfect for keeping you pounding the steering wheel (in a good way) while stuck in traffic.  “Abomination” KILLS it with Alex’s screaming guitar solos and fills, and James stretches out that tenor about as high as I’ve heard.  That kid has some pipes on him.

This is one helluva combo…I want to call this EP, Volume One, a sampler.  It feels like it’s more of a “Stay tuned for some real rock.” I usually try to classify music, especially rock, because some of you rock fans can be so picky…but I’m seriously having a hard time with this one.  I want to call it Alternative Rock, or maybe just Hard Rock?  It could be Metal at some points, and even Melodic at others…hell, I’m just going to call it AWESOME rock.  I seriously can’t wait for more!  This better be a “Never Ending Ride.”


By: Big Jon / BackStage360 / Big Jon Entertainment

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