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Recently we caught up with Mick Adams for an interview to discuss some of the reasons that the band was formed.  (The interview can be seen at the end of this article.) It was a blast to finally sit down with this artist and find out what makes him and the band tick.

I’ve seen this band play before and have also witnessed them on AXSTV.  They are a truly gifted tribute band and according to AXSTV, the best Stones Tribute Band in the World.  We agree because these cats take it to a whole other level. Not only do they pay tribute to the Rolling Stones but they pick specific eras of the Stones iconic catalog and recreate some of that history on stage each night. I’m not a huge fan of of tribute bands but when their done correctly like these cats do, I’m all in.

The first thing that struck me was their attention to detail right down to their outfits. The set list was epic with all the usual songs you would expect, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday, Paint it Black and Brown Sugar, Sympathy for the Devil,  Gimme Shelter but they even do some of the deep cuts.

The visual look of this amazing band is awesome with the haircuts outfits and showmanship. This band really did their homework right down to the moves they do on stage. If you remember the videos back in the day by the Stones with their crazy outfits and hair, you will will be amazed when you see this show. It is by far one of the best things you will see next to the real thing.

So in closing get yourself out to see this band live. You will come away as I did finding yourself looking back to those great Stones Videos and remembering what you were doing back in the day. You can find out when this band is touring in a town near you by going to their web site: www.mickadamsandthestones.com

Remember to support live music whenever you can so that these artists can continue to bring the music to us.

RocmanRocks / Backstage360


Mick Adams as Mick Jagger

Gratz Arias as Keith Richards

Vince Lupo as Charlie Watts

Ron Jessurun as Ron Wood

Marbvin Sperling as Bill Wyman

Mo Bey as Lisa Fischer

Jimi Seville on Keys

RRon Jessurun as Ronnie Wood
Ron Jessurun as Ronnie Wood




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