Mike Love Will Find A Way

I’ve never witnessed the joy of singing radiate from one’s face so purely as I have now.

Reggae Artist Mike Love grew up on the beaches of Hawaii but he is not to be confused for another boy from the beach who bares the same name although good vibrations are sure to be what you will feel in Mikes company. Mike is a humble laid back genuinely nice guy with an easy smile.  It was clear to me he gives so diligently to his craft for the love of the music and the common goal to make the world a better place above all else while I had the pleasure to meet and hear him perform this April at an intimate private event hosted by Andy and Michele Melnyk.

An Hawaiian native born and raised into a musical family Mike Love is an inspirational, roots reggae, multi instrumental musician and song writer. He is truly a poet and profit. His spirituality, love of family, environment and culture is deeply ensconced within his music.  Performing at 200 plus shows each year provides him the opportunity to making a strong impact universally with his unique and inspiring music. Mike brings a special kind of vibe to the air! You just can’t help but feel the connection. I watched the body language of the few you could tell were unsure about the reggae band about to perform quickly transform as Mikes positive vibe music filled the room. People rose from their seats one by one swaying to the rhythm of his reggae beat.

Mike performs with passion and intensity pouring from every inch of his body, (I swear I saw a treble clef shoot from his eyelid and no… I wasn’t smoking anything funny) Instrumentally gifted, melodically delicious Mike possesses a vocal range to be envied by even the most accomplished of artists. He’s a man of a million non-lexical vocables, now don’t take that number for literal however numerous, they assist the bad-ass riddim chat scat Mike spitz out faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings so expertly to be even more amazing!

Through the grassroots method independently, on his own “Love Not War” Records Label, Mike has released two albums. 2012 his debut award winning “ The Change I’m Seeking “  followed by “ Love Will Find A Way”  September of 2015. Mikes songs are meant to take you on a journey of healing and inspiration, or designed to help you on your path to knowledge, wisdom or understanding and so desperately needed to bring about change.

Mikes Album “Love Will Find A Way” has been described as a life changing release.

Mike and his Band have shared the stage with the likes of Dave Matthews, Steel Pulse and many more. Mikes fan base continues to rise between touring and the web, indeed one of his videos on you tube has more than nine million hits!

I believe as Mike does that music is a wonderful teacher…

Think of an instance when you may have had something imparted to you in the spoken word time and again only to fall upon your deaf ears, doesn’t resonate with you, don’t want to hear it, you don’t agree, you just don’t get it. Then one day you hear a song play and suddenly things become crystal clear…  One love.

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