Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers Release First Studio Album, “The EastWest Sessions”

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers, Hollywood, California. 22 April 2017.

Los Angeles based, Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers, releases their first studio album, “The EastWest Sessions”, on September 15, 2017, and its everything a rock/blues album should be…and more!

Multi-award winning, saxophonist, Mindi Abair, is a powerhouse of an artist in her own right but when she decided to enlist the talents of The Boneshakers, in 2015, they have become nothing short of a force to reckon with, and…then they decide to add legendary, blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa, Grammy award winner, blues singer/songwriter, Fantastic Negrito…and…R&B vocalist and former member of “Was (Not Was)”, Sweetpea Atkinson to the recipe and the result is 11 tracks of dynamic marriage of rockin’ blues, that tips heavy on guitar, sax, quintessential blues vocals, subject matter and attitude.  Which ironically means, it is a perfectly balanced concoction.

Mindi and The Boneshakers, recorded their first album in, 2015, which also happened to be their first live album during their first live performance.  When you make a bold decision like that, you KNOW you have tremendous faith in the chemistry, talent and professionalism of your players.  That chemical reaction shines through in “The EastWest Sessions”.

Mindi may be noted as an amazingly talented, saxophonist, but she also has a beautiful and powerful voice that lends itself to the blues flawlessly and part of the subject matter of this latest album is some of my favorite!  Girl Power!  I was an instant fan!

From “Vinyl” to “I Love to Play the Saxophone” this ass-kicking album is full of sassy and in-your-face lyrics and music.  Whether it is an all instrumental or lyrical there is no sparing the rod with this one!  Mindi called out all the stops and passion when it came to her music, band and featured performers.

How can you miss the mischievous placement of the surreal, Joe Bonamassa, on the track entitled, “Pretty Good for a Girl”?  In my honest opinion, that is understood and “pretty good” is about as understated as it gets.  If you separate the words from the music on this one, you find that Mindi, just puts it out there with attitude, grace and style.  Kind of like telling someone to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the trip!  Joe and Mindi play off each other in a musical battle of the wits and it is pure joy!  I’m not exactly sure who won the war, but I am looking forward to future and repeated re-matches.

“Let Me Hear it from You” features the smooth vocals of Mr. Sweetpea Atkinson, who shakes things up by taking a classic rock and blues collection and transitioning it into the sounds of vintage R&B.  I recently had the pleasure of seeing Mindi and the Boneshakers live for the first time, in which, Mr. Sweetpea joined them onstage for several songs.  The stage presence of this gentleman is as stunning as his perfect voice and it is so much fun to watch him perform.  Close your eyes and listen to the words and music and let it transport back to the 60s, in Detroit, and “The Motown Sound”.

Having listened to this marvelous compilation on repeat for quite some time now, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this is only their sophomore album but then again, it was (not was) recorded at the famed EastWest Studios in Hollywood and they only open their doors to the best-of-the-best.  “The EastWest Sessions” is the best-of-the-best and should be in every music lovers’ collection!

Midi and the Boneshakers are currently touring throughout the United States and their tour schedule, preorders for “The EastWest Sessions” and breaking news can be found on social media and their website:  www.mindiabair.com .

You can also find tour schedules and keep up with Fantastic Negrito, Sweetpea Atkinson and Joe Bonamassa on social media and their respective websites:





TOUR DATES 2017-2018


Link to dates online: http://www.mindiabair.com/tour/


Friday, November 10

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers

Empress Theatre (Vallejo, CA):  Tickets


Saturday, November 11

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers & Booker T. Jones

SF Jazz Center (San Francisco, CA):  Tickets


Sunday, November 12

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa (Scottsdale, AZ):  Tickets


Friday, November 17

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers

Genesee Theatre (Waukegan, IL):  Tickets




Tuesday, February 13

Jazz Alley (Seattle, WA):  Tickets


Wednesday, February 14

Jazz Alley (Seattle, WA):  Tickets


Thursday, February 15

Jazz Alley (Seattle, WA):  Tickets


Friday, February 23

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

The Ritz Theatre (Jacksonville, FL):  Tickets


Sunday, February 25

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

Capitol Theatre (Clearwater, FL):  Tickets


Tuesday, February 27

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

The City Winery (Atlanta, GA):  Tickets

Thursday, March 1

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

The City Winery (Nashville, TN):  Tickets


Friday, March 23

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

The Tangier (Akron, OH):  Tickets


Saturday, March 24

Mindi  Abair and The Boneshakers

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (Pittsburgh, PA):  Tickets



Mindi and the Boneshakers are:


Mindi Abair – Saxophone and Vocals

Randy Jacobs – Guitar and Vocals

Sweetpea Atkinson – Vocals

Rodney Lee – Keyboards

Derek Frank – Bass and Vocals

Third Richardson – Drums and Vocals


The EastWest Sessions Track List:


  1. Vinyl
  2. Not That Kind of Girl
  3. Play to Win
  4. Pretty Good for a Girl
  5. Let Me hear it from You
  6. Live my Life
  7. Freedom
  8. Had to Learn the Hard Way
  9. She Don’t Cry No More
  10. Done Me Wrong
  11. I Love to Play the Saxophone


By: Siege / BackStage360

This review originally ran in our September issue. We have since that time been fortunate enough to catch up with Mindi who was gracious enough to sit down with us to talk about the LP.  (And we thought the album good enough to re-run the article anyway)  Watch the interview below……….ED


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