A Music Experience at Indie Stock Music Festival

Six Gun Sal Band – Image: Pacific Pro Digital

It was a festive music day at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena on October 28th, for the Indie Stock Music Festival. The day was one that brought various music genres together as well as made the ability for up and coming bands to be seen and heard on a massive stage; right alongside the power bands who have quite the social media and fan following.

The music genres played on stage were various styles from Hard Rock to Southern Rock, as well as Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Rock Funk, and Christian Nu Metal — the day was filled with the sounds of independent music artists all playing and all supporting each other.

George Lynch – Image: Pacific Pro Digital

Leif Garret, a Multi Gold and Platinum recording artist and a teenage heart throb, who has graced the cover of Tigerbeat many times, was the MC for the festival – made the bands feel welcome.

Southern rock band Six Gun Sal rocked the stage as they opened for superstar band Trapt.  Other headliners were P.O.D and Lynch Mob with the legendary guitarist George Lynch, who played throughout the night.  There were several other local indie bands mixed in along with some who made the trip from Arizona, Las Vegas and Texas.

Other bands who graced the stage for the Indie Stock Festival were Hipnostic, Dirty Machine, Never Your Zero, Misamore, Lethal Injektion, Osairis, Gravity Layne, Angeles, The 95th, and Fifi Larue.

Trapt shook the stage with their ever popular “Headstrong” and P.O.D. rocked out “Youth of the Nation,” a fan favorite, yet they entertained the fans with new songs to enjoy too. Lynch Mob closed out the night with tunes the fans knew and loved with the master George Lynch doing what he does best.

The crowd was a mix of cosplay performers and those who were ready to rock the night away.  With guitar riffs vibrating through the stadium, enthusiasm echoed throughout the venue. As the beats got harder, heads were banging, and hips were wiggling.

Trapt – Image: Pacific Pro Digital

The food was off the charts as well with vendors serving tacos, pastrami sandwiches, beer and homemade sweet tea.  There was plenty of band merch available, too, from the various bands who were there selling their wares from t-shirts to the latest CDs– folks were able to take away something from their favorite band.

The day went into evening – what I noticed was the musicians, the people working the event and the fans attending all united as one – like two guitarists synching together to create a flowing, magical vibe. Flashes of cameras would catch your eye as people created memories of the occasion, too.  Everyone was supportive of one another and several new friends were made.

I really enjoyed my time at the event – making new friends, capturing moments and being able to bop my head around to the familiar sounds from bands I was a fan of back in the day and to new sounds from indie bands that I became a fangirl of.  It was an impressive event that showcased an amazing line- up of talent and I look forward to seeing what is next for Indie Stock Music Festival.

Please follow the Indie Stock Music Festival’s Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/indiestockmusic to also enjoy the experience.

 By: Maureen “Mo” Whelan / BackStage360

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