Pat Travers (Here to Kick your Ass)

Beautiful evening for a concert and Pat Travers proved tonight that he is “here to kick your ass.”  The band whose songs were a large part of my life growing up would be performing tonight as a three piece band.  Last time I saw Pat as a three piece band he was playing keyboards, guitar and handling vocals.  While I was waiting for the show to start I saw no keyboards on stage and was puzzled how Pat was handling some of his songs without keyboards or a second guitarist to cover the melody lines.  Well handling it he did; Pat came out and opened with “Rock n Roll Suzie” which starts with a very catchy guitar riff and had the crowd going absolutely crazy.  The stage is about 3 foot high and the crowd at the Belly Up were moving out of their seats and working their way as close to the stage as they could get.  I was standing almost dead center next to the stage to watch the man who introduced me and many others to his infectious form of heavy blues rock n roll.  Pat Travers is one of the best blues rock musicians touring and I felt blessed to be able to see him up close in a wonderful venue like the Belly Up.  Sound was great and the stage was well lit.  When you experience a Pat Travers show be prepared to be mesmerized and know that you are in the presence of someone who is very passionate about what he loves.  Great songs, talented musicians, and vocals that carry a very seductive undertone that draws you into his world.

Pat played many of his staple hits starting with “Rock & Roll Susie”, “Crash and Burn”, “Gettin’ Betta”, “Heat in the Street”, “Snortin’ Whiskey”, “Statesboro Blues”, “Makes no Difference” and of course the show would not be complete without “Boom, Boom (out go the Lights).”  The intimacy of a venue like Belly Up has advantages for fans and bands alike.  Being so close to such legendary guitarist like Pat Travers and connecting with his music on a deep level and being immersed in his artistic expression makes you feel like you are part of the experience.   I usually see Pat 3 to 4 times a year in Southern California but when looking this year only saw the one opportunity at the Belly Up in Solana Beach.  I hope Pat books more shows in SoCal next year so his fans can see him somewhere near where they live.  I highly recommend that anyone who gets a chance to see the Pat Travers Band; do so, and the Belly Up was the perfect atmosphere to see him or any band live.

Venue: Belly Up





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