Points North – Ramona Mainstage

Opening for Gary Hoey at Ramona Mainstage on 12-19-2015

Points North_20151219-3223Points North Show Review

Review by Storm@Backstage360.com

I have been a Points North fan for several years and always enjoy their shows, but even for the casual show attendee this night should be very memorable and hopefully make them fans of the Super Trio known as “Points North”. The sound at the Ramona Mainstage is excellent. The Mainstage was well staffed and were friendlier than most venues. Points North played mostly cuts from their newest self-titled album “Points North” (available on Magna Carta Records http://magnacarta.net/pointsnorth) and two Rush Covers to appease both hardcore and casual progressive fans.

Points North_20151219-9523I’ve seen many Points North shows but tonight the fans were in for a special treat. The band performed Rush’s Limelight and featured Kristina VanAmburgh (RUSH tribute band Fred Barchetta) on vocals.  Point North’s music is brilliant and very dynamic and to see them live is a treat and should be on every music lover’s bucket list. Incredible musicianship combined with the natural ability to entertain with great stage presence makes for a blast of an evening. The set list was too short for this fan. Tonight I witnessed 3 extremely talented “master” musicians perform an 8 song show that left me wanting more. BRAVO!

Points North_20151219-3312It is evenings like this that will cement Points North’s future fan base, bringing in new fans and reassuring current fans of the direction Points North is headed. That said, with the self-titled album Points North representing some of their most ambitious recorded music, one hopes that the band will continue to record new material and play live dates if not embark on their very own head lining tour.


Images:Brian Tierney / BackStage360

Song Set list:

Ignition – (Album: Points North)

Northstar – (Album: Points North)

The source – (Album: Road Less Traveled)

YYZ – (Rush song from the Album: Moving Pictures)

Limelight – (Rush song from the Album: Moving Pictures)

Turning Point – (Album: Points North)

Rites of Passage – (Album: Points North)

Killer Pounder – (Album: Points North)


Eric Barnett – Guitar

Uriah Duffy – Bass/Keith McMillan Keyboard/Floorboard Controllers

Kevin Aiello – Drums

2 Responses to "Points North – Ramona Mainstage"

  1. Christian  December 29, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Next day I downloaded both cds from Amazon! Hope to drive up North to catch them on 1/8/16!

  2. Eleanor  December 29, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    I was there. They were GREAT. I hope to see them headline a show!


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