Pullman Standard Takes Power Rock to a New Level

Los Angeles based, Pullman Standard returned to their San Diego roots the first weekend of July 2017. First celebrating the release of their newest album, “Diamonds Hearts”, at The Rabbit Hole, on famed Adams Avenue, amid San Diego’s Art and Music District, on July 1st and then treated fans and new friends to an encore on the Paddock Stage, on July 2nd, at the San Diego County Fair.

Fronted by a powerhouse of a showman, Timmy D., Pullman Standard, takes power rock to a whole new level of harmonious and physical existence.

Born in 2008, Pullman Standard, have spread their wings touring across the country, and have grown into a beautiful enigma.  In the band’s childhood, their talent and unique sound was recognized by way of local community support, media promotions, radio air-play, music and songwriting competitions, E.P and full-length CD recordings and releases.

Local exposure put them in front of various nationwide media outlets, they completed their first independent tour in 2011, and their popularity continues to grow.  If you are a fan of CBS Sports, recently you would have seen promos of the “CBS Spectacular’s Football Pro Am Arm Wrestling Competition”, featuring a track from their new CD, “Skies the Limit”!  Music fans from all walks of life, are falling in love with the Pullman Standard experience.

It was a perfect San Diego summer night on July 2nd when the lights went up on the Paddock Stage on July 2nd, and with the first note, Pullman Standard captured their audience.  Timmy’s charismatic presence onstage is enough to make someone an instant fan, but when he hopped off the stage (no easy feat considering its height from the ground) and began to interact one-on-one with his audience, I knew this was not going to be just any Sunday night twilight concert.  As small children danced in front of the stage area, he inserted himself into their fun; the results were mile wide smiles and giggles loud enough to be heard over the music.  I watched as he swiftly removed a walker from an elderly woman and swept her off her feet for a moment and returned the walker in one fluid movement, never missing a beat, never faltering, almost as if it was choreographed.  Timmy moved further and further into a casually seated audience, shaking hands, jumping over obstacles, all while his energetic and powerful voice kept moving in time to the talented pros backing him up on now a distant stage.  A move that he repeated throughout the show, and they didn’t stop there…


Pullman Standard kicked it up a notch…or three or four.  Mid set the oh so very talented violinist, Alicia Previn, joined them on stage.  Already in full power rock mode, Alicia, took it to yet another level.  The Royal Academy of Music, trained violinist is a tiny woman with a gigantic gift and stage presence.  Lovely Previn, as she is also known, is an accomplished violinist, with an impressive family tree.  Daughter of Andre Previn, conductor of the Houston, Pittsburgh, and London Symphony Orchestras and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and American jazz singer Betty Bennett, she started her career at the age of seven and by the time she reached her teens, she had become a member of the London Symphony Orchestra.  She is also a member of the Irish rock group, In Tua Nua and the Young Dubliners.  Her talent and dedication has been rewarded by way of countless television appearances and musical credits.  Alicia’s recording career is equally awe inspiring, working with and contributing to a myriad of national and international “A” listers throughout her lifetime.

In addition to her musical career, Alicia is also an author of a series of children’s books that focuses on educating children about the ecological future of earthworms, tortoises and bees. I had the opportunity to join Alicia for a quick bite to eat after the show.  “Lovely” is a befitting moniker for she is such a joy and a truly fascinating artist.

When power rocker meets classical violinist, the chemical reaction is truly magnificent.  Alicia married effortlessly into the energy onstage and her performances with Timmy D., was an audible and visual treat.  As a fan of classical meets rock, I was secretly wishing that Alicia would remain onstage for the duration of the set.  While she accompanied the band for only a few songs, it was indeed, my favorite part of the performance and I hope to see more of this paring in the future.

As the night played on, Pullman Standard’s 45-minute set, turned into a 60-minute set and then again into another 30-minute set, as the powers that be behind the stage, made the request to continue entertaining their fans and fair attendees until the bewitching hour.

Pullman Standard phenomenal performance of originals with a cover or two sprinkled melded into another set of beautifully rendered covers, ending the evening on a perfect note.

Due to unexpected circumstances, I was unable to connect with Pullman Standard for an interview but stay tuned, because I will catch up to them; they can run but they can’t hide and they are coming to your city soon! When they do, don’t miss the opportunity to experience their extraordinary performance.

Pullman Standard is currently preparing to kick off a late summer tour, beginning in September 2017.   Alicia Previn can be found performing all over southern California.  You can keep up with both artists on social media, find their music on all reputable music service sites and find breaking news and event calendars on their websites:  Pullman Standard – www.pullmanstandard.com and Alicia Previn – www.aliciaprevin.com.


By:  Siege/BackStage360

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