A Re-Issue Like No Other – Vanishing Point’s ‘Tangled In Dream’ Is As Good As New!

When my editor handed me the selections for this month, he casually stated “You got my fave LP for the month.”  I didn’t have to even ask to know that Vanishing Point’s “Tangled In Dream” was it.  This progressive metal album keeps you entranced from moment one with the power synths and heavy guitar, then the amazing vocals of Silvio Massaro penetrate the loudness that backs him up, and you know you’re home.  This album is definitely another contender for Album of the Year, and it’s a RE-ISSUE?  How come I’ve never heard of this 17-year-old music before?  It had a limited release outside of the band’s home in Australia, so we had to wait…but it was worth it!

The album was originally released in 2000, but never made it onto American radio waves and has been out of print for years.  The tracks aren’t even available for download…until now!  Vanishing Point fans young and old have shown a serious love for this album, so the members of the band got together with AFM Records to re-release the original and add some previously unreleased tracks and a few extras on a bonus CD.

This album rivals the some of the best progressive rock and metal acts of the early 2000’s AND many of those rockers currently, making it a must have for any rockers collection.  Combining synths, rock guitar, heavy drums on tracks like “Closer Apart,” you can’t help but be transported to another world that just opens up and keeps expanding with new exciting things.  Just as there are deep emotional highs, there are also lows as “Bring On The Rain” details a troubled relationship that’ll tug on the heartstrings of anyone.  Those harmonies though, they make it ok to cry.  Silvio’s voice sounds amazing alone, but when you add those backup vocals it’s a done deal!  These guys are awesome!  Thankfully, this isn’t the first and only iteration of their music we get, after some musical disagreements and lineup changes, Vanishing Point will be working on a new CD…not sure when, but the sooner the better!


I hope you get the idea that the CD just plain kicks ass!  It’s not only progressive metal/rock, there are so many elements of Rock strewn throughout the album that any rock lover will appreciate this one.  It’s not just the first CD in this special edition re-issue that kicks ass…the bonus material is GOLD for Vanishing Point fans.  Never before released (except in Japan) tracks, a BADASS cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways,” a faster and heavier version of Pink Floyd’s “On The Turning Away,” and a few tracks from their Live and Unplugged appearance on PBS FM in 2003.  This double CD is loaded to the gills for rock fans.  Download, Plug in, and get “Tangled In Dream” thanks to Vanishing Point.

Big Jon / BackStage360


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  1. Chris Porcianko  March 1, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    Thankyou Big Jon for the great review , we sincerely appreciate it mate 🙂

    All the best from a warm Melbourne , Australia 🙂


    Chris – Vanishing Point


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