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Russ Heinls’ professional photography career began in Toronto where he made a name for himself photographing famous rock stars. It eventually became apparent that his creativity was being stifled by the confines of studio work. In 1990 an overpowering urge to fully explore and indulge his creativity lured him to British Columbia. Here, he fulfilled a lifelong desire to be surrounded by snowcapped mountains and the Pacific Ocean. His new studio and source of inspiration then became that of the great outdoors of the west coast.

To better understand his new environment on Vancouver Island, a number of small aircraft where chartered for sightseeing purposes. He was so impressed with the magnificent scenery he discovered on these flights, that he instantly knew that the only way to effectively share his vision of this Pacific jewel with the world was through the eyes of an aerial photographer.

Three years later, Heinls’ first aerial coffee table book “Where the Eagle Soars” was released and became a top ten regional best seller. Using only helicopters to shoot from, the book shares with the viewer his vision of stunning coastal seascapes as well as powerful, dramatic close up aerials of Victoria’s charming architecture.

The success of his first book quickly lead to other aerial projects. The 1996 release of his second book, “Over Beautiful British Columbia” received critical acclaim as another regional bestseller and was a nominee for The Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice award. The following year saw the release of two more critically acclaimed aerial books, “High Above the Canadian Rockies” and “Portugal – An Adventure of Discovery”. “Over Canada” soon followed and has sold nearly 200,000 copies. Russ has now had eleven aerial books published.

Recent developments in High Definition video cameras and customized, gyro stabilized mounting systems has allowed him to provide his clients with broadcast quality, silky smooth aerial footage at a fraction of the price previously associated with such endeavors. He has now produced five aerial programs under the title “Russ Heinls Landmark Aerial Adventures” along with numerous short video programs.

The Russ Heinl Group offers both aerial “still” photography and aerial High Definition filming. The unique ability to shoot both formats from the same helicopter has been enthusiastically received by commercial clients who previously had to commission these two disciplines separately.

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