Selmer Paris Model 56 Series II BBb Bass Saxophone

An absolute beauty of a saxophone made to the classic Paris Super Action standards. Specifications: BBb, Super Action 80, clear lacquer body and keys, low A, high F# key, hand engraved details, S406-C mouthpiece, includes deluxe case.

  • Keywork: the positioning of the left- and right-hand little finger spatula groups affords particularly well-balanced handling
  • Adjusting Screw: the low A adjusting screw allows precise adjustment of the whole. Suspension Rings: a choice of three positions allows selecting the best playing balance. Adjustable holder: brings to the musician greater playing comfort when seated
  • Specifications: Key Bb; Range Low A/high F sharp. Thumb rest: plastic. Waterkey on the upper arm. Leather pads, metal booster. Lacquered with engraving
  • Accessories Included; The top-of-the-line Selmer “Light” case in charcoal-grey cordura, specially designed for the “Super Action 80 Series II” bass saxophone, ensures optimum protection of the instrument. High-density foam insulating interior, with expanding score pocket. Fitted with rollers

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