Sinner – Tequila Suicide

German hard rock band Sinner led by bassist Mat Sinner of Primal Fear, have a new album out entitled Tequila Suicide. Mat wasn’t born a Sinner, but it’s the name he goes by and the name of the band he’s been leading since 1982.  With 16 Sinner releases in the back catalog and this one hot off the press, Mat Sinner shows he’s dedicated to his chosen field of making music.  With Sinner, Mat handles vocals, bass and producing duties along with Dennis Ward who co-produced, mixed and engineered Sinner’s latest offering. While there have been many different players in the band over the years, you can always count on Mat to bring quality players to the table.  The musicianship on this latest collection is top notch.

Released on March 31 via AFM, Tequila Suicide features numerous high class musicians. Tom Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR) and Alexander Scholpp (TARJA) on guitars. Francesco Jovino (PRIMAL FEAR) on drums, plus special guests Sascha KrebsKolinda BrozovicGus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE), Ricky Warwick ( The Almighty, Thin Lizzy. Black Star Riders), Pete Lincoln (THE SWEET), Neil Witchard and Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR).

Sinner has released a lyric video for “Battle Hill” and a music video for “Tequila Suicide”. Make sure you check it out.

We met up with Mat Sinner last year while he was on tour with Primal Fear and he mentioned he had some exciting new material coming and we’d be getting it before too long.  True dat Mat!  This is fresh material with quite a bit of variety between the songs.  Each song is absolutely different from each other and offers influences from other genres of music.  For example “Battle Hill” is a very strong song with bagpipes and takes you on a cinematic journey. Probably my favorite of the bunch but a couple others aren’t far behind. It’s a check your doubts at the door and go for it song of empowerment. Do or die!  “Go Down Fighting” is a fun, speed punk rock song that will get you reminiscing about the good ole days!  You’ll want to sing along but good luck keeping up with the fast-paced lyrics.  “Sinner Blues” is the bands blues influenced song and if you like blues influenced music, you will appreciate this one.  “Dying of a Broken Heart” is a little bit of country and my least favorite song on the album, but it could easily be your favorite especially if you like country music.

The song “Why” is hard rock song with some killer guitar work. Another song “Dragons” says they are real, Whether Dragons are real, I can’t tell you but I can tell you it’s a real good song. “The road to Hell” is a lively song that has a Thin Lizzy meets Scorpions sound to it. Two other songs that rock are “Gypsy Rebel”, and the title track “Tequila Suicide”. Loud and Clear may be the title of one of the songs on this album, but it also describes Mat’s vocals. Each song has loud and clear vocals, outstanding songwriting and is brilliantly produced.

This is a top shelf product made for those who appreciate first class hard rock. It has really cool Day of the Dead themed cover art too, which will look good on T-Shirts, so, all you Sinners are going want to get a shirt too.  Cross your fingers or should I say raise your fists in hopes that Sinner takes the show on the road.  If they do, I’ll see you there!





Go Down Fighting
Tequila Suicide

Road To Hell
Battle Hill
Sinner Blues
Gypsy Rebels
Loud & Clear

Dying On A Broken Heart


Digipack Bonus Tracks:

. House Of Rock
. Monday Morning
. I Am

Tequila Suicide


Hard Rock

Release: March 31st, 2017

Brenda Starr / BackStage360



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