SKUMLOVE – The Minister of Sinister

The band Skumlove, led by front man Skum Love performed at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, CA on April 1st as one of the headliners along with CORE 10 and Anger the Giant. The show benefited the NPO Bridging the Gap to Recovery who recently received their 501c3 status.  The well attended event was held in memory of the 2nd anniversary of the passing of musician Duke Collins with proceeds going to BTGR.

The band played tunes from their latest CD Sinister Minister which is the 2nd offering from Skumlove.  Released on 6-6-16, six years after their first offering entitled Songs of Lust and Corrosion. Along with these album titles, come songs with great hooks and twisted dark humor.  Some song titles are Dig you like a Grave, Leave Scars, I Come for Your Children, Anti American Idol, Disease, Loaded, The Machine, Don’t Hate me because I’m Evil and Devils’ Darling.

Skum who lives in Hollywood, California states “These lurid tales of perversion and evil leave some aroused and others in a state of disgust. Rock N Roll is not supposed to be safe or pretty. Your mom is not supposed to approve.” He vows to bring filthy back.

They will be playing some select shows and festivals, but the band is not planning a tour at this time. Skum, believe it or not is a family man and also works full time for Schecter Guitars as the artist relations rep.

If you are lucky enough to get a chance to see them live, then GO!, Orange County, your next chance to catch them live is at The Doll Hut on June 2nd.  Don’t miss it.  This is a band that already has a loyal following that without doubt will grow with every show.

They definitely are there to show you a good time and you will have a blast.  The band’s live performance is energetic, entertaining with heavy bass and guitar and electronics.  Skum has a solid voice his lyrics are interesting, straight forward, powerful and clear cut.  He articulates, so you will not only understand every word, but be able to sing along to his bold in your face performance.  He’s a performer who dominates the stage and involves the audience.

Get the CD Sinister Minister on I tunes or directly from their label EMP, Dave Ellefson from Megadeth’s label. It’s a set of 9 quality tunes and features guest appearances from Tommy Victor (Prong/Danzig), Tony Campos (Fear Factory, Ministry, SoulFly) Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory)  Produced by Roman Marisak (Prong/Professional Murder Music) and mastered by the mighty Bill Metoyer

The music is industrial rock flavored with punk, goth and dirt.  Dirt as in filthy little secret, except it’s not a secret at all. Skum is all about debauchery and he flaunts it.  Sex yes, drugs no! Skum has never touched drugs, not even pot.  He saw the effects of drug addiction on others early in his life and was smart enough to stay away.  He has a helping heart and while he doesn’t talk a lot about it, he helps others whenever he can hence earning the Love part of his name.

Be sure to watch my preshow interview with Skum also present was Dave from The Dramedy who plays bass and Guitarist Garrison.

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