Slaves Against The Machine – M15 Gets A Dose of Rage


It’s not easy paying tribute to a band as iconic as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.  Recently we caught up with Slaves Against The Machine at M-15 and were immediately caught off guard by the amazing musicianship.  As the performance continued I was surprised at how close this band was to the original iconic Rage Against The Machine. Right down to Tom Morello’s guitar squeals. Slaves Against The Machine floored the audience and the mosh pit was in full force.  (Much to the chagrin of our photographer) Of course they covered all the hits of RAGE as well as selected B-sides from their catalogue.

Slaves Against The Machine-9113Before the show I had an opportunity to interview the bands lead singer Michael Tadeo and asked him why he picked Rage Against The Machine to pay tribute too. He stated that as a kid growing up, that they were his favorite band.  All he had to do was to find other musicians with the same passion for their music. Jeff Garland, the drummer, was a perfect fit then.  The next job was to secure a guitar player, aka: TOM MORELLO. Not an easy task but they found their man in Masa Iga a true student of Tom Morello’s unique guitar style. When I asked Masa how he learned Tom’s technique he said that he locked himself in his room as a kid and just figured it all out.  Rounding out this amazing young band is bass player Michael Roberts who locks all the grooves together with drummer Jeff Garland.

Slaves Against The Machine-2376If you are a fan of Rage Against The Machine’s music, this band will blow you away from the first song to the last song.  They are a true tribute to the iconic band and there’s no mistaking  that. If you get a chance to see them in concert do it, it’s well worth it. They can be found on Facebook and on their website as well as on youtube.


RocmanRocks / Backstage360
Images: Brian Tierney / BackStage360

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  1. Steven Randall  January 25, 2016 at 11:45 am

    Yes hello,im requesting up to (4) tickets to go see “Slaves against the Machine” at the House of blues in Anahiem Ca for this Next New Show…Soon :-)”Metalstevezphotoz Photography”, Mspotoz®™2016 Photography/

    • Backstage360  January 25, 2016 at 6:49 pm

      Please find a Ticketmaster link on the site and see if they are available. If not, please let me know.


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