Smash Mouth / “Fush Yu Mang”

Caught up with this band for the second time this year at KAABOO and the same thing was true that was true back earlier in the year at Pechanga Casino, that this band is one of the hardest working bands in the industry. For over 20 years this band continues to amaze audience’s world wide with their infectious brand of rock and roll. Not only are they a fun band to see live but they are all cool dudes as well.

Formed in 1994 by Steve Harwell, Smash Mouth has attracted a loyal following with their own style and a catalog that includes, Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby, Walking on The Sun, The Fonz, Push, All Star and a remake of War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends.”   Currently in the works is an acoustic re-recording of Smash Mouth’s first album, Fush Yu Mang, which is set to be released in sometime this year through PledgeMusic for the album’s 20th anniversary.

This band is constantly working and touring and they still bring it live as well.. I guess there is no substitute for working hard at your craft. If you’ve never saw this band life, you need too. You can find all their tour info on their website.

And remember to support these artists and all others………….

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