Snakecharmer – Second Skin

The new album second skin from “Snakecharmer” caught my attention right away when I saw the cover art. It has something sexy, mysterious and also secretive. It immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to know what the album is all about. I listened to the first song “Are You Ready To Fly” and it didn’t take any time before I was singing and dancing along to the music.  Up next was “Dress It Up” and it was equally as fun. I really enjoyed the beginning guitar part and women can relate to the lyrics easily. “Fade Away” is a slower song, to me it was a sad song but on the other hand the melody to the song was very relaxing. I closed my eyes listening to the song and just went into my own world. I also loved the guitar solo. “Follow Me Under” picked me back up. It started my blood flowing immediately. The song was high energy from the very first note to the very last note and about half way through the song I was singing along with the lyrics. “Forgive And Forget” is another song I can relate to very well. There is a time for giving up, time for giving in, time to just forgive and forget. I think we all have been in these shoes in our life and felt this way. “Hell Of A Way To Live” starts out kind of mysterious. It is another song that just gets you rocking along. I also love the guitar solo in this song. “I’ll Take You As You Are” was a very meaningful song for me. A lot of times we try to change our partners to our likes and sometimes it is hard to take a person as he is. This song really got me thinking. “Above My Weight” is a song I played more than once. The song started out more mellow but then picked up quickly and here I was once again moving along with the music. I really like this song a lot. The song got stuck in my head and I found myself humming this song for a while. “Sounds Like A Plan” is a faster song. It has a very nice beat to it along with the electric guitar. It is hard to sit still with a good beat like this. “That Kind Of Love” hit home. I could relate to this song. “She needed love and a love to last forever. That kind of love that will hold a dream together.” Who doesn’t want that kind of Love? I think everybody dreams of finding the love that the songs message sends. “Where Do We Go From here” is the last song on this album. This song is perfect to end a great album. The song starts out mellow but then picks up in the middle and ends mellow. It was a beautiful song.

I absolutely love this album and I highly recommend it to everybody. I enjoyed it from the first song to the very last song. It is great to listen to while driving, hanging with friends, at work, home or if you just want to sit down and listen to music. It is very easy listen. I immediately replayed it a few times because of the way it made me feel. You have a great Vocalist with an amazing voice and you can hear the range of his voice and you have awesome guitar parts throughout the songs. It just doesn’t get boring. This album didn’t disappoint and I could go on and on how much I liked it. How about you just get it and listen yourself to it and I promise you want be disappointed.


Michi / BackStage360

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