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Sam Diego

San Diego based, non-profit organization, Sons of Charity, hosted their first annual “Tri-buu” fundraising event at the beautiful Water Conservation Gardens, on the Cuyamca College campus on September 23, 2017.

“Tri-buu” is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the now famed San Diego based, music festival, Kaaboo”, the event featured performances by three of best tribute bands in San Diego and Orange County area, along with local caterers, SOC merchandise, a beer and wine bar, a fabulous raffle and the host-est with the most-est, Mr. “Sam Diego”.

Sons of Charity is a local organization dedicated to battling the beast that is childhood cancer.  A team of advocates that help wage war against the evil that is stealing our children at an alarming rate.  Currently a mere 3.8% of all monies raised toward cancer research is marked for childhood diseases and prevention.

No Duh

Sons of Charity, founder and CEO, Sam Mejia, has successfully rallied a community of supporters and volunteers whose goal is to financially assist and provide resources for San Diego children stricken by these diseases and their families in effort to raise awareness and bring comfort and relief those undergoing critical treatment.

Composed of a group of motorcycle and classic car enthusiasts, SOC’s fundraising events consist of a variety of advocacy “rides”, classic car shows, musical events, socials, and children’s events.  The mantra of these tireless angels of mercy; “We are not a club.  We are a cause” and they prove it at every event they host.

With only 35 days to plan and execute an event the caliber of “Tri-buu” is no easy task but Sam and his team not only pulled it off, they pulled it off with great success and BackStage360 was honored to be a small part of it.

amphitheater located in the Water Conservation Gardens is a splendid venue surrounded by pathways leading to topiary trees, water conservation vignettes, educational displays, exhibitions and program and student projects.

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a set of classic Foo Fighters, performed by San Diego’s own, tribute band the Faux Fighters, followed by, also San Diego’s, Santana pa Ti and closed with Orange County acclaimed No Doubt tribute performers, No Duh!

Formed in 2012, The Faux Fighters have been entertaining audiences prominent venues all over California, Arizona and Texas.  They are fronted by Dave Grohl doppelganger, Chelsea Scott whose amazing vocal range and stage presence keeps their fans on their toes. A set of classic songs and music was the Faux Fighters were the building block of high energy that kept rising throughout the night.

Santana pa Ti stepped up next with a fun and energetic set of Santana classics that had guests and fans out on the dance floor within seconds.  Santana pa Ti, is a celebration of the music of Carlos Santana that is heavily laced with jazz, Latin, fusion and blues.  Santana pa Ti performs extensively all over the San Diego area.  They are a fun dance band that graciously and effectively honors the signature sounds of Carlos Santana.

Faux Fighters

In their usual manner, headliners, No Doubt tribute rockers, No Duh, completed the evening’s line up, with mastered perfection.  No Duh, entertains No Doubt and Gwen Stefani fans nationally and internationally on live tours; they have appeared on local and national television shows and performed full length features on Good Morning America and on AXS TV’s “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” and are supported by No Doubt and Gwen Stefani, themselves.

Fronted by Spen Gjormani (pronounced…”Spend-yur-money”) also known as Heather E. Lounsbury, the band replicates the moves, the sound, the energy, the costumes…the attitude flawlessly.  They are a fine-tuned machine that immediately engages their audience, lifts them up and never lets them down.

The evening culminated by raffling off a series of amazing gift baskets donated by local businesses and community residents with proceeds going directly to the families in need.

BackStage360 sat down with Sam Mejia to learn more about Sons of Charity, their cause and their determination to weaken “the beast”, to strengthen these childhood warriors and to assist in the financial need and support for the families and friends who are affected by childhood cancer and to bring awareness of how little is actually done worldwide in ways of research and development to find ways to prevent or eradicate these afflictions, all together.

We also spoke with several of the band members to learn more about the bands, their members and how and why they chose to be part of this amazing and successful event that I personally hope becomes and annual affair that I can be a part of year after year.

You can find our video interviews with Sam Mejia, Chelsea Scott and Heather Lounsbury in this issue of the magazine to find more information and learn about how you can get involved and do something to make a difference.

Please go to the Sons of Charity website to read more about the organization, find out how you can donate or volunteer and find a calendar of events at

You can follow along with the Faux Fighters and their members on most social media sites and find news, tour dates and upcoming events on their website: .

Santana pa Ti can be found playing all over the San Diego area and you can find them and their event calendar on Facebook, and several reputable music resource sites by searching “Santana pa Ti”

No Duh tours extensively and can probably be found performing in a town or city near you at any given time.  Please follow along with them and their members on most social media sites, and you can read about their history, learn more about the band and members, read breaking news and find tour dates on their website:

Please support your local non-profit and charity organizations.  If all of us made even one small effort to pay it forward, the domino effect would be tremendous.  Together we really can affect change and make a difference for the greater good.

I want to personally thank Sam and the team at SOC for allowing BackStage360 to be a part of this event and all the bands and members that took the time to speak with us about themselves and the organization.  They are all superstars and consummate professionals. Keep supporting your local music and musicians and the light they bring to our lives; without them, the world is a darker place.


By: Siege / BackStage360

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