Stephen Pearcy Returns After 7-Year Hiatus

Stephen Pearcy’s ‘Smash’ Reminiscent Of The Glory Days of RATT

Southern California’s own Stephen Pearcy has finally returned after a 7-year hiatus.  The RATT founder/singer is back with another solo album that definitely is his best one to date.  Smash, available now for purchase, is about as close as Pearcy has gotten to his former RATT days.   With a heavier sound and more of that glam guitar RATT was known for, Stephen and his band of fellow rockers are a ‘Smash’ hit.  I know, but I just couldn’t help myself on that one.

The album begins with a mystical sounding gotcha as the synthesizers lead into the fast and hard-hitting “I Know I’m Crazy” that feels like it’s written for a scene in an Alice Cooper movie.  This monstrous rock ballad kick-ass track leads into one badass song after another.  If you like rock chords, heavy drums, and screaming amplifiers, then this album is for you.  The harmonies and the glam Pearcy is known for return on “Lollipop,” a track that’s reminiscent of the good days of rock when subtleties and innuendos were all over those lyrics.  “What flavors do I got?”  Yeah…we all know what THAT means!  Stephen wrote all the tracks for this album; in fact, Pearcy is a very accomplished songwriter who has been credited on all of RATT‘s records. Most recently, RATT‘s last studio album “Infestation,” which was released a few years ago to rave reviews around the world.  His brilliance has transcended into ‘Smash’.

Bassist Matt Thorn played a part in the mixing and mastering, along with Pearcy and the legendary RATT producer Beau Hill.  And a masterpiece this record is.  From start to finish, it’s a blood pumping rockfest that reminds you of the good old days of RATT, but there’s rejuvenation in the flow…freshness in the sound…something new you cant quite quantify.  It must be the power of the two guitarists working together for so long.  Erik Ferentinos has been backing up Pearcy since the early days of his solo projects.  The two have developed a natural rhythm between voice and guitar that is unmatched and ever-present on tracks like “Rain” and the love ballad “Summers End.”  Greg Dí Angelo holds the rhythm section down with the drums and percussion to finish the Stephen Pearcy solo project.  Chris Hager was tapped to add some guitar leads and riffs to a few songs as well.

This album satisfies the hungry urges of those wanting new Glam Metal in their collection, and it works to satiate anyone with the need for rock in their lives.  Long Live Rock!


Big Jon / BackStage360

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