Taylor John Williams Brings the Voice to The Casa

When Taylor John Williams performed on American reality TV show The Voice in 2014, he may not have won the contest, but he won the hearts of many Americans like Andrew and Michele Melnyk.  
It was after that TV appearance that the Melnyks decided that they wanted to open their house for a ‘house concert’ and ask Williams to perform in their beautiful Carlsbad, California home.  “I contacted Taylor by email and found out he was doing house concerts via Fanswell,” said Michael, “so I made an offer, and the rest is history.”  Timing was perfect, as Taylor John was already planning a house concert tour and the Melnyk house fit right into the plan.  “We’ve been great friends ever since,” said Williams.
Ever since that concert premiere, the Melnyks have hosted many more living room, and backyard shows at their 7,200 square foot home.  They have featured talented singer-songwriters like Ron Artis II, Sister Speak, Cindy Alexander, Taylor John Williams, Paul Trudeau, Jessy J., Tolan Shaw, Greg Douglass, Paul Cannon, Isabella Paulina and Mike Love.
Backstage360 was invited to attend a show at The Casa on this particular night with Taylor John Williams as the main act, and Cindy Alexander opening the show with Sherry Ann making a special appearance.
Taylor John, originally from Oregon and now residing in Los Angeles, had just released his first full-length album titled ‘El Dorado and The Casa was the first stop on a tour to promote that recording.  More info can be found on taylorjohnwilliams.com.

Taylor John Williams

Cindy Alexander will be releasing her 9th recording in January 2018 called ‘Nowhere to Hide’ Blue Elan records on and can be pre-ordered on blueelan.com. She is currently performing live shows with longtime friend Paul Trudeau, who also tours with well-known rocker Billy Idol.  Trudeau has just released his own latest recording ‘Shirley Road’ which can be purchased on his website paultrudeaumusic.com.  

Cindy says that she will be touring many House Concerts to promote her latest CD because they are her favorite places to perform.
There are plenty of reasons why musicians are choosing to play these venues. They get to play for an intense audience without a lot of idle chatter, no one is talking on their cell phones, no one is playing pool,  and there are no TV monitors playing sports or other distractions.

Cindy Alexander

House concerts can be held in any private space such as a living room, barn, apartment recreation room, lawn, or backyard.

There are no corporate rules to deal with, Individuals can host whoever they want, and invite whoever they want.  They can decide to split the money collected or give it straight to the performers with no profit motive.  Calling it a donation can help prevent zoning and licensing issues.
House concerts are a relatively new trend that are becoming more and more popular with touring singer-songwriters.  The Casa in Carlsbad is one of the best in the San Diego area.
To get on the invite list to The Casa in Carlsbad, simply contact the Melnyks at livemusic5@yahoo.com.

Eli Medellin / BackStage360 / Boogie Magazine






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