Testament – Brotherhood of The Snake


The forebearer’s of Trash Metal have been at it since the early 80’s touring non-stop for three decades doing what they do.

When they hit the scene back then people were amazed at what type of music they were bringing night in and night out. This band of brothers brought something new to the scene. The band (From the Bay Area) came along at the same time the Big-4 came along and came with a vengeance with something to prove. And prove it they have. Now the elder statesman of trash metal hit this season behind their newest album release of “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE.” The subsequent tour for 2017 is one of the most anticipated tours of 2017 for metal fans.

Direct support for TESTAMENT are SEPULTURA AND PRONG. Wow! What a treat to see these three bands in one night. If you’re a fan of metal bands this will fix you right up.

Make no mistake though this was Testament’s night. As soon as they came out there was a mad rush to the front of the stage. I was in the front middle and getting crushed but loving it at the same time. I had not heard any of the new album until that night of which they did 7 songs from the new record plus all the hits from 30 years of music that this band has created.

The band includes Chuck Billy, (Vocals) Eric Peterson, (Guitar) Alex Skolnick, (Lead Guitar) Steve DiGiorgio, (Bass) and Gene Hoglan. (Drums) Believe me this band of brothers have been doing the deal for so long they could play their entire set in their sleep, but they didn’t. They brought the thunder with such a punch that floored everyone in attendance. Chuck’s vocals were spot on and, Alex’s lead guitar was soaring with all the riffs past and present with all the raw power and precision of a surgeon. I had last see Testament 15 years ago and they were great but, to hear them playing all the music from the last two albums was a real treat.

Like I said before to see one band would be great but this tour is off the chain with three premier bands. (Sepultura and Prong) You need to catch this tour if you call yourself a Metal Fan cause this doesn’t happen often. You can find all the info on their website http://www.testamentlegions.com/

If you don’t have this album yet you’re not a fan of metal. This is an epic record from this iconic band that won’t disappoint you. Try and catch them live on this tour you will love it trust me.

BackStage360.com wants to thank HOB San Diego and of course Testament for allowing us to do this show…….


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