The Boxmasters And A Glass of Vinum


Billy Bob Thornton Image by Brian Tierney/BackStage360

The Boxmasters came to Temecula to close out their brief 2015 Tour to a packed house at Monte De Oro Winery.  The Boxmasters show  was well received in advance of their upcoming fourth album entitled “Somewhere Down The Road.”  The album is scheduled for release later this year.  (The Boxmasters Article – BackStage360)

Having lived in the SoCal area since the beginning of time, I have watched the Temecula area grow from a small rural town producing decent bargain basement wines to an area now known for producing wines that compete with those wine’s from Sonoma and Napa Valley.  (I don’t profess to be a Wine Master but I know what tastes good) What also may not be well known is that the area is rapidly becoming a destination for great music.  At last count there are over thirty wineries each having joined the fray to host major and local talent.

I couldn’t help but notice in my informal poll, what seemed to be a disproportionate number of people that really weren’t familiar with The Boxmasters or their music, but had really come to see the Lead Singer, Bud. (AKA: Billy Bob Thornton.)  Or perhaps they were just drawn by having a glass or two of some vino at a great location.  What they got was tall glass of great music dished out by a group of quality musicians in their own right.

Consider this for an Allstar lineup:

Teddy Andreadis. (Teddy ‘Zig Zag’)  Played with such notables as Alice Cooper, Guns and Roses, Carol King,  Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Bo Diddley.

J.D Andrew.  Grammy-winning engineer who has worked with The Rolling Stones, Guy Clark and Kanye West.

Brad Davis.  Singer and Songwriter.  Merle Haggard, Sheryl Crow and Kenny Rogers.

Billy Bob Thornton.  Four solo albums with tributes to Earl Scruggs and June Carter Cash.


Image – Brian Tierney / BackStage360

This group of extremely talented musicians has managed to merge their individual influences and forge their own style of music to produce the Boxmasters sound.  At one point during the show, Billie Bob suggested his next candidate for president.  While the crowd held its politically correct breath, his suggestion of Alice Cooper was widely received.  My guess is that what will also be widely received is their soon to be released fourth album the next time they roll into town.  You can still feel free to enjoy them with that glass of Vinum.

Brian Tierney / BackStage360
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