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As a huge Tom Petty fan I was treated to one of the best shows of the year for me. I first caught this band on AXS TV about a year ago and was immediately caught off guard by
how amazing this band sounded. As far as tribute bands go, most don’t seem to get it quite right. However, this band does and they kill it.

The PettyBreakers-9119Tom Petty has an amazing catalog of hits and the Pettybreakers captured them not only correct but exactly right. The leader  of the band, Ozzie Mancinelli (aka Tom Steady) in
his performance was spot on. His renditions of the Petty catalog were so good I couldn’t tell the difference between the Pettybreakers and and the real thing. The band played
every hit that Petty has and it was the same each time, PERFECT.

The PettyBreakers-5889I am constantly surprised at how huge Tribute Bands have become today. If your looking to hear Petty’s music done right, the Pettybreakers are a must see. We see and review a
lot of shows each month and a lot of the bands just mail it in. Not this band. The members include Ozzie Mancinelli, (Guitar/Lead Vocals) Steve Newby, (Drums,Vocals) David Zeman,
(Keys/Vocals/Harmonica ) John McAllister, ( Guitar/Lead guitar) and Dan Leoni. (Bass/Vocals) Each member of this band are not only quality musicians in their right but are all into their performance. It’
evident from beginning to end.

Tom Petty’s legacy as a great songwriter is unquestionable and as long as bands like the Pettybreakers are around playing his catalog, his music will live on and on for a long

The PettyBreakers-9140I spoke to Ozzie Mancinelli before the show for an interview which can be heard by clicking on the link below. It’s insightful as to why they picked Petty’s music instead of
other classic bands.

So if your a fan of Petty’s music, I know you will become as much of a fan of the Pettybreakers as I am now……

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Editors Note:  You can follow the Pettybreakers by going to The Pettybreakers Home page

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