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Amazing tone. And plenty of mojo.

In our quest for the ultimate guitar tones, we could have modeled any Fender® Stratocaster® or Gibson® Les Paul®—but that would have been too easy. To create Variax®, we tapped the coveted collection of Albert Molinaro—one of the most knowledgeable and respected vintage instrument dealers in the world. Albert kindly allowed us to audition multiple guitars from his collection that met our specifications, including a $250,000 Les Paul. Bottom line, we modeled the best of the best vintage guitars—so you get all of the unique character, tone and mojo of the finest classic instruments.

Line 6 James Tyler Variax modeling guitars HD modeling Line 6 - Variax2


Vintage instruments captured in incredible detail.

The process of modeling a vintage instrument using Variax HD technology is complex. Every facet of the guitar—including the body, electronics and metal parts—influences the way the instrument sounds and responds, and must be captured during modeling. By painstakingly analyzing and capturing every single aspect of the most iconic vintage instruments, the Line 6 team ensured that Variax delivers the sound and feel of the world’s most coveted guitars with stunning detail. The result is accurate and realistic tone reproduction that stays true to the original instruments.

Line 6 James Tyler Variax modeling guitars model switch


The most celebrated electric guitars. At the ready.

Line 6 - VariaxWith an amazing breadth of tones available at your fingertips, Variax HD technology gives you the power to create inspiring sounds and take your creativity further. Featuring meticulous HD models based on* historic Strat®, Les Paul, Rickenbacker® and other guitars, Variax provides instant access to the tones favored by the world’s most famous players.

Variax® Standard combines legendary Line 6 innovation with renowned Yamaha craftsmanship, forming a versatile modern instrument that shatters the limitations of traditional guitars. Addictively playable with classic looks, Variax Standard gives you exceptional quality—plus incredible Variax HD technology that puts it in a class of its own. Inspire your playing with a collection of the world’s most coveted vintage electrics, classic acoustics and exotic instruments. Switch up your tunings on the fly. You can even go beyond what’s physically possible and create the instrument of your dreams with Variax Workbench™ HD virtual custom shop software.

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