Wayland’s Rinse and Repeat

Wayland’s Rinse & Repeat is a Playlist MUST ADD!           

I’m not trying to sound pretentious in any way; however, only a few albums that I review actually end up in my personal playlist.  Wayland’s Rinse & Repeat is one of those few.  I’ve been listening to this album for nearly two months now, and it’s become a personal favorite.  It feels like Arena/AOR rock at its core, but the screaming guitars and heavy drums took it to Hard Rock in many songs…bordering on Heavy Metal at times.  Then you add those tight harmonies, powerful melodies, and the use of acoustic instruments, and you’ve entered into the Classic Rock and Blues Rock realm.  This album passes seamlessly through all of those very differently formed genres, even combining them in many tracks of the album, to create a rock masterpiece.

Lead singer Mitch Arnold admits to me, “I didn’t know until I met Phil (Vilenski),” when talking about being a singer.  Mitch and Phil started working together to form a band shortly out of high school and founded Wayland while in Los Angeles.  The band’s management team put Mitch in touch with vocal coach Wenndy Mackenzie, whom he credits for his longevity on stage and for showing him his potential as a singer.  The entire group has a strong connection to music, whether it’s Dean Pizzazz’s teacher influencing his expansive music knowledge, Nigel’s James Brown influence from his dad, or Phil’s blues influence, each of them cite a heavy influence of music from young ages in their bio’s on the band’s webpage, https://www.waylandtheband.com/biography/.  That influence shines through in their third release showing maturity in their transition and growth through their first EP, “Welcome To My Head,” and first full-length self-titled album, “Wayland.”

Officially released September 22nd, “Rinse & Repeat” is Wayland telling the music community “HEY! We’re over here!”  This album will resonate with all rock fans, with their overall Anthemic feel in tracks like “All Rise” and “Revival,” and the intense story lines that run the gamut of emotion and love.   Any human shold be able to relate with at least half of Rinse & Repeat.”  It plays like a greatest hits album from your favorite band…that you’ve never heard, because it’s all Wayland.  Gems like “From The Other Side” show the musicianship and vocal talent of the band in a Led-Zeppelin-esque ballad that feels like a progressive rock B-Side.  Their love-songs carry some powerful hooks that don’t let go, like “Come Back To Me” and the Country-esque “Follow.”  The entire album is worth one full spin…and then, “Rinse & Repeat!”

Mitch Arnold and I chatted for a few more minutes about the tour they are currently on and what it’s like to play in and tour as Wayland.  He shares much of the history of the band, including the original band name and why they changed it to WaylandMitch really knows his craft and has worked hard to build this project with the rest of the guys.  “When we were first starting out, all we had was Wayland.”  Buy their album and listen below to our interview!

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