Whitesnake – Greatest Hits Tour


Anticipation was high on Landsdowne St. Saturday night in Boston right outside The House of Blues as Rock fans young and old lined up for a trip down memory lane. The Whitesnake Greatest Hits tour did not disappoint and delivered on their promise for a “sing along night” that would transport the crowd back to the 80’s when big hair and shredding guitars ruled the airwaves.

From the moment David Coverdale hit the stage belting out Bad Boys electricity surged through the venue as the familiar gravelly tone filled the room with lusty excitement and the tribal pounding of drums that could only be Tommy Aldridge beat against every chest in the house.  With a set list that includes every single Whitesnake hit you could imagine the crowd sang along with every word.  Coverdale’s onstage antics are every bit as fresh as they were in 1985 replete with mic stand pelvic thrusts and a hair flip from guitar master Joel Hoekstra that is unparalleled in rock and roll today.

The Anthem that is Slide it In had fists pumping and hips thrusting before reducing the crowd to a puddle with a stirring rendition of Love Ain’t No Stranger in that classic power ballad mastery that could only come from the band they call Whitesnake.

Whitesnake-0034Keeping on the ballad side of things they picked it up a bit with The Deeper The Love before ramping it up for Fool For Your Loving then Sailing Ships with a seamless transition into the bluesy rocker Judgement Day.

Coverdale relinquished the stage to the very capable hands of Reb Beach for a shredding solo that melted faces with tapping and tremolo mastery the likes of which haven’t been seen aside from a Jeff Beck show.  Joel Hoekstra appeared and wowed the crowd with a less flashy but nonetheless passionate display of electric guitar mastery before stepping up to an acoustic and blew everyone’s mind with a flamenco style, finger flashing rip that was beyond the reach of most mortal guitar players.   

Slow and Easy started with the pre-chorus rhythm that is instantly and universally recognized before the band faded back and left only the ethereal keys of Michelle Luppi and Coverdale’s unforgettable intro, “Keep on pushin’ babe…… Like I’ve never known before…..” before the full blast of the chorus swept the crowd away singing along in ecstasy.

Cryin’ in the Rain complete with a manic drum solo from Aldridge left the crowd breathless and wanting more. Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love, and Here I Go Again were the songs everyone had been waiting for and these left the crowd chanting for more as the band left the stage.  Whitesnake knew what they wanted…… Still of The Night provided the climax that all the night’s earlier foreplay had hinted at and it left the audience exhausted and completely content. The satisfied smiles on the faces of everyone leaving the building are the only proof needed that the Whitesnake Greatest Hits Tour is one that should not be missed by any rock fan still rockin’…


Whitesnake-1676Whitesnake - The Purple Album CoverJune 25, 2016 – House of Blues Boston

Eric Savoie / BackStage360

Images: John Peresada / BackStage360

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