Willie Nelson Brings Back “PEACE” for Troubled Times

Promised Land Music Peace in the ValleyNASHVILLE, Tenn., April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Willie Nelson, always a strong advocate for peaceful resolutions, reaches back to his deep gospel roots to send a message of peace, hope, and inspiration with his re-release of Peace in the Valley.

“I don’t ever remember not playing and singing gospel music,” Willie recalls. “My grandparents were music teachers and they were gospel singers. The first music that I heard was gospel music, so it’s not that unusual that I would be so much into it.”

In Peace in the Valley, Willie is joined on two songs by Willie Nelson, Jr. (Billy) from recordings made primarily in the late 80’s.  Billy also sings lead on My Body’s Just a Suitcase for My Soul. Sadly, Billy passed away inDecember 1991. 

Willie explains the origin of Peace in the Valley:  “I was doing an album with Billy, my son, in Nashville. We didn’t know how it was going to turn out and really what we were going to do with it when we got through, but the guys sounded so great,” speaking of the singers whose vocals are an integral part of the album’s soulful gospel sound.

“I hadn’t heard a group of singers that close to traditional gospel harmony in so many years that I was very impressed and still am very impressed with those guys,” Willie says. “It just turned out so well.”

The original masters containing Peace in the Valley were confiscated by the IRS in 1991. But by the fall of 1992, Willie was making amends with the IRS and they began returning his possessions including the gospel masters.

Photo - Brian Tierney / BackStage360

Photo – Brian Tierney / BackStage360

The original album was released in 1994 to much praise, positive reviews, and accolades.  However, when first released, due to the limited music distribution channels (cassettes were the mainstay), the album did not receive wide spread distribution, therefore now making the re-release very special.

THE NEW Peace in the Valley RE-RELEASE

While many Willie Nelson recordings have been re-released throughout the years, the Peace in the Valley re-release is particularly exceptional.

The original studio tapes had to be salvaged by baking them in a special oven and then transferring all tracks to a high quality digital format. Each take was listened to and studied selecting the best parts.  Additional vocals and instrumentations were also added. Meticulous remixing and the latest mastering techniques put the finishing touches on this previously released classic – All wrapped up in new artistic packaging.

Peace in the Valley is available at all major music sellers, or directly from PromisedLandMusic.com.  The Digital Download includes a digital version of the CD booklet not available elsewhere.

At nearly 82 years old, Willie Nelson still sells out shows, stands strong on his beliefs, and brings back time and again, his ever abiding hope that there will be Peace in the Valley…

Record Label: PromisedLandMusic.com

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